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Abundant Sunshine

The weather guessers don’t need to work too hard in Mesa Arizona.  The days are predominantly wall-to-wall sunshine or mostly sunny.  One day since our arrival October 18 we had light rain sprinkles, a couple of days we’ve had a cloudy sky.

Our weather forecast yesterday said, “Abundant sunshine, 80 degrees.”  And the forecast  agreed perfectly with the weather.  We’ve had two weeks of superlative weather, nearly 75 degrees every day.  Just right for a couple of full-timers.

I hit the tennis courts at 0700 yesterday morning in a pair of shorts and a thin tee shirt.  The morning temperature was over 50 and by the time I returned to hour house an hour later the outside temp was already 60.  I played again at 1430 hrs and it was 80 outside and no humidity.  Just right!

We’re heading to NC to share Christmas with our families.  It’ll be great to see everyone again, and we hope to see our four offspring and our granddaughter.  But the weather won’t be our favorite, and we’ll miss daily tennis workouts.

The weather guessers are calling for a low of 14 tonight and highs in the low thirties.  Yeah, that’s in Fahrenheit, although it doesn’t sound like it.  Take those numbers as Celsius and they represent closely our weather in Arizona, lows in the fifties, highs not quite to the nineties but really nice and warm.

We’re not flying to NC for the weather, right?  Our families have nice roomy houses to accommodate us indoors if needed.  Who knows, the weather might turn nice and we’ll hit some tennis balls too.  Regardless, we’re excited at the prospect of seeing everyone and don’t need the out-of-doors to do it.

Everything is packed, the fridge is empty, the tanks are clean, the windows secure.  Portable hard drives are farmed out for safe-keeping.  Vents arranged just-so.  Water is off, heat is on low.  What did we miss?  We’ll figure it out either when we board the plane or upon our return.

If only we could store and forward some of this abundant sunshine to North Carolina — we might not see much of it otherwise until our return to Mesa.

We’ll talk to you next, before Christmas, from NC — we’re taking the laptop this time.

See you down the road!

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Is it time to go or, How hot was yesterday?

We were amused at the number of people packing up and fleeing the resort over the past two weeks. Aren’t these folks heading to the freezer? After all, they are heading to Michigan, Iowa, Illinois, even Canada. And it isn’t like we’ve even been hot in Okeechobee, right?

That was until yesterday. Now we know. Hot has arrived. Not the ceaseless, burning, dry, all-penetrating hot we experienced in Bakersfield last August. [Read about our experience with desert heat in this article.] No, this is Florida warm and muggy. Yesterday wasn’t even all that hot, some people would remind us. Our outside temperature “only” hit 92 degrees F.

I played two hours doubles tennis, hit the pool with Debbie for a couple of hours, and we returned to the find the Airstream interior temperature just under 100 degrees F. We’re really hot, and our house is an oven, even with all the windows open.

Do you exercise/test your generator at least monthly? NFPA 110 requires at least monthly load tests with a load of at least 30 percent of nameplate rating. How else can you know it will start and properly operate? We must maintain and check these things before we need the juice.

So goes our excuse yesterday afternoon for our roof-mounted air conditioner. We last ran it, as best we can remember, last September in Bakersfield, Ca. The a/c needed a load test, and a 92 degree day would be perfect to show the a/c can (or not) still cool our Airstream. And it did so magnificently. After only an hour we turned it to low fan and 80 degrees. No problems. What a comfort to know it is ready if we should ever need it again.

We tip our hat to the many folks already heading north. We did not, but apparently they knew this was to be the hot one. Janet and Mike left two days ago, heading for Illinois. They are stopping along the way to enjoy nice weather north of here and south of there. They might find the best of all weather along the way. We hope so. And we wish for all the other snowbirds all the best in their travels and hope they have decent weather upon arrival.

This morning started at 68 degrees outdoors. Pretty nice so far. Today we can find cool in the pool and with the nice breezes softly whistling through our Airstream’s large window screens. The palm fronds are waving and bouncing in the wind. Maybe we won’t need to test the a/c again today?

Next year we may welcome the prospect of bugging out of here before the end of March. We’ll just have to see.

Last Dance

Yesterday we had our last dance class of the season. Ancient Oaks RV Resort offers a lot of volunteer opportunities and, fortunately for us, someone volunteered to organize dance classes. Al and Darlene use video tapes and dvds with dance instructions on them, and we all watch and try to repeat what the instructors did.

One couple might seize upon the correct dance steps first, and everyone says, “Hey! They got it, we’ll watch them.” Debbie and I have learned the waltz, sixteen step polka (our best), and cha-cha. We’re not really competent in any of these and only through a lot of practice might we even be brave enough to display our new talent.

A month ago we might have had up to eight couples in dance class. Things are slowing down a little; today we were three couples. The decline in dance class attendance is representative of what’s happening across the resort. People are heading north.

Tonight was the annual golf banquet, celebrating a dozen weeks of matches and awarding prizes to the top six duos. My partner and I won fifth place and only one point separated each of the places, fifth through first. Only a few golfers were absent from this celebration. But we heard many stating they were leaving next week.

After all, if there’s no golf league activity, why would folks stay? Hmm, how about tennis, shuffleboard, horseshoes, line dancing, aerobics, card-playing and great socializing, among other activities? We’ll stay a little longer, thank you.