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Hard-driving Woman

Today is a driving day for us. We are enroute to Kannapolis NC after spending almost four months in Florida. The buyers of our vintage Argosy, Snow White, are on their way to purchase her. We’ll spend four nights in Kannapolis before heading south to Perry, GA for our Airstream owners’ association regional rally.

Last night after visiting with friends and playing a few hands of cards together Debbie and I agreed we were both excited at the prospect of today’s drive. We don’t relish long driving days but we do really like relocating. Does it affirm our footloose state of living, or does it appeal to our sense of adventure? I think both.

Ah, the wonders of technology. We have been watching on our gps, since departing Faver Dykes State Park this morning, our projected arrival time to Kannapolis. The gps doesn’t know or try to project our stopping times. So our arrival has slipped thirty-six minutes over the past seven hours forty minutes. Three bathroom breaks, one including refilling our fuel tank, account for the stopped time.

Debbie is driving her second two-hour stint today. She is a great driver and has no problems towing our Airstream on Interstates or secondary roads. I already knew this after she, by herself, gamely towed our trailer across the United States last September.

We’ll have supper with Debbie’s parents then go pick up Snow White to return her to their house. Debbie and I will work the next several days to prepare Snow White for her journey to Vancouver Island, B.C. Snow White’s buyers are enroute to purchase her and will take her home and renovate her. This will be an exciting project I wish I was undertaking. But it doesn’t make sense for us, already living the mobile lifestyle. Hopefully, the new buyers will share details of their restoration adventure.

Anyway, I love traveling with Debbie. Whether I drive or she does, we enjoy each other’s company and both enjoy being on the road. I like Debbie driving. She can pile on the miles, is pretty unflappable, and has so much driving experience. She is one hard-driving woman.