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Jim’s Red Shoes did What?

Do you remember “Love Those Red Shoes” a few months back? Jim had tried on, and loved the fit of, a pair of Babolat tennis shoes. What colors did the pro shop have for this shoe? Only red in Jim’s size. This has been Jim’s first pair of red shoes since, say, four or five years old.

Red shoes can generate a lot of attention. Service station attendants talking over the intercom, tennis partners, our opponents, and folks in the bleachers all cheer for the red shoes. Gosh, sometimes it seems Jim’s opponents might even be watching the shoes instead of the ball. Quite a legal distraction, the shoes could be a real help if this were only true. And Jim could have generated more comments if only he had worn the courts anywhere other than just on the courts.

But these are expensive court shoes and Jim donned them only for hitting the tennis courts. He has an old pair of Nikes he reserves for painting or knocking around, a pair of Merrells for hiking or walking, and his Birkies for bopping around the block and for dancing. The red Babolat tennis shoes are specialists.

The red Babolat Propulse3 shoes were everything they were billed as and more. These shoes provided Jim with unexcelled quickness and the most comfortable and snug fit in a tennis court shoe yet with room for his toes. He played a little wearing these shoes before we arrived in Mesa AZ. And Jim has played or hit 3-5 times weekly since we arrived here.

How have these shoes worked out? Well yeah, that’s why we’re writing again. After around 100 hours of screaming around the courts, the shoes started leaving bits of sole behind. Jim spotted a couple of pieces of rubbed-off red rubber on the court today and thought to check his sole. This is what he found, to his great surprise and dismay:

Well-worn and suddenly retired

Jim ended his hitting session and walked home to share his surprise with Debbie. The biggest surprise is probably because Jim hasn’t previously worn through the soles on any pair of tennis shoes. What happened? One of two things: Jim’s footwork has increased dramatically (a distinct possibility given the amount and type of instruction he’s gained this year); or these tennis shoes aren’t as substantial as previous pairs.

Don’t call Michelin yet, we don’t want to distract the Michelin Man while he’s throwing tires at the big octopus-armed gas pumps or whatever those things are in the t.v. commercials. Jim’s contacting the folks who sold him these shoes. Word is, Babolat tennis shoes have a six-month wear guarantee. We sure hope so.

We’re expecting Babolat’s U.S. distributors will come through for us on this. They have an opportunity to show us this was just a slightly thin sole on one of these shoes and the next pair will probably wear longer. Twelve hours a week for just nine weeks doesn’t seem like an awful lot of time in a pair of $110 tennis shoes. And until we resolve this Jim will have to play in his Birkenstocks or hiking shoes or, like he sometimes did when he was in junior high school, barefoot.

These have been, hands-down, the best-fitting and most comfortable pair of tennis shoes Jim has played in. And hopefully we will find out they are shoes he can afford to wear on the tennis courts, comfortable or not.

Jim and Debbie

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Love those red shoes!

Two weeks ago I bought a new pair of tennis shoes to replace my couple of pairs of NIKE Max Air tennis shoes. The Max Airs were ruining my toes and just didn’t feel good. Found a really comfortable pair of new sneaks at our tennis club in Concord NC (SportsCenter) and made a good deal on a racquet and the shoes. The only color he had was red. I’ve never had red tennis shoes but now I do.

We are enroute from NC to Iowa and stopped overnight in Dayton OH to visit friends, eat pizza at Marion’s, rest up, and go again. While in Dayton we knew we could find local parks with tennis courts — Ohio is great at state parks and they are great with city and county parks. Our friends gave us helpful directions and we found nearby courts in very good condition.

NIKE max air sneaks

Debbie and I hit some tennis this morning at Walther Park in Kettering, a ‘burb of Dayton OH. I wore the only pair of tennis shoes I now own. You know, full-timers don’t keep a lot of extra stuff so the NIKES (with great tread and uppers still) are now for sale at the local Value Village.

After tennis we found the local SuperCuts and trimmed our haircuts. The truck’s gas tank was down to the last 1/2 inch of gasoline (seven gallons spread out on 7′ X 1’ bottom surface area) so we were pumping fuel into it.

A voice speaks from somewhere within the gas pump, “I love those red shoes!”

I look around, see no one. Not many people are pumping gas in red sneakers, right? I realize it has to be the attendant inside the convenience mart and he’s talking to me. So I say, “Thanks”.

Then he says, “what kind are they?”

At this point I really should have gone inside, let him see these sneaks close up. The sneakers are great looking from sixty feet. Think how good they look from six feet. Really great! But I was just beginning pumping almost forty gallons gas into our tank and another car had pulled in almost under our bumper. Need to stay with my truck a few minutes.

Babolat Propulse 3 tennis shoes

I holler back to the gas pump microphone, “These are Babolat tennis shoes, like Roddick wore!” And if I had gone inside I could have talked with the guy a few minutes, found out if he likes tennis shoes or just red shoes. I could have told him these are Babolat Propulse 3s, have Michelin tread with a six month wear guarantee. And how much better these are for my feet than my Nike LunaPros even though I have narrow feet. I love these red shoes!

I wish I had gone inside, if only to thank him for the compliment on my really cool tennis shoes. The Babolat brand and Andy Roddick name might not have registered with the guy, or he might be a sneakers aficionado. Who knows, there may be a spike in Babolat shoe sales in Dayton OH. Do you think they might buy the white ones instead? No one ever comments on white sneakers, right?

Jim and Debbie

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