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Wild Boar Street Party and a day at the beach

We, and almost 100 of our neighbors, spent an afternoon chowing down on wild boar and a few dozen other delectable dishes. This was a potluck extraordinaire, done in true potLUCK style. The featured attraction was wild boar killed locally last week by a couple of our neighbors.

Some Southern boys cooked it and the hosts were kind enough to invite our street and the several adjacent ones, as well. Result? The biggest street party we’ve ever seen. The adherence to potluck values produced a fantastic variety of food.

We had wild boar, great pork chops, eight or ten kinds of potatoes, lots of beans, several salads, and more desserts than we could eat. This was a fantastic potluck and a nice time to get everybody outside. How was the bbq’d boar? Almost as good as BBQ from Lexington, NC!

Today we spent a day at the beach. The morning was for a shopping mall experience, something we cannot do in Okeechobee. Locally we have stores for the necessities, like groceries, hardware, building supplies, and some clothing places. Oh, and a LOT of fishing tackle.

What else could we want? You cannot buy bicycle parts locally. Except for Wal-Mart, you cannot buy tennis balls locally. And there isn’t much shopping for granddaughter birthday presents. So we had fun doing what we so rarely need do, spending a few hours at a big mall.

Our reward was the afternoon at Jensen Beach on Florida’s Atlantic Coast. Weather was nice but not very solar. Breezes were light, cloud cover was thorough, and the temperature was just below 80F. We were warm without getting hot, and enjoyed reading, watching and listening to the surf, and relaxing with sand between our toes.

A gray day at the beach is better than a good day anywhere else. We loved having a day out. And, upon our return we find our silver home has been under the very watchful eye of this hawk. Even with his back to our home, he had his sharp eyes on everything.

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