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Jim’s BC RV Show

This post represents a pretty cool sampling of RVs. Doesn’t include any Euro caravans, although yes there are three Euro motor homes. And doesn’t include any TABs or Trilliums or Casitas, or Burros or Scamps, which is pretty surprising. But otherwise a nice slice of what you might find at a slightly upscale RV Park in Canada today.

We may not (or might yet) do a post like this again. This is just a whole bunch of pictures we took on two successive mornings at an RV Park we visited near Vancouver, B.C. We thought it was pretty cool to find such a wide variety of camping machines in one park.

Please give us your comment, is this a terrible idea to make a post like this? Or did you like so many pictures this time? Call this an experiment — we might not find any suitable occasion to repeat this format, but wanted to try it for this informal survey of RVs.

Note: we took off the license plates for the pictures. No, not really, but we did re-touch the pix to conceal any license plate identification.

Check these out:

A vintage Dethleff MB motor caravan shipped over for their tour

Okay, not an RV but represents the diversity of camping in this RV Park

Nice clean tag-along trailer, pretty recently made

Looks like a Bigfoot slide-in, but on a F-450 dually truck -- a great setup

Like mobile homes, this trailer may be rusting in its last spot

No brand name, just the MB star on grill -- another ocean-freighted for N.A. touring. Very compact and neat, probably great mpg

Swanky streamlined Class-C RV, stylish way to tour

Can't i.d. it specifically, can you? Another brought over from Europe for N.A. touring? Looks like it can ford puddles four feet deep

A Lazy-Daze, made in Montclair, Calif. One of our favorite brand mohos, very nice craftsmanship and wonderful layouts

A nice B-van for compact (and short-term) touring

The sole pop-up tent camper in this RV Park

The biggest baddest moho in the park, what, maybe 45 feet long? And maybe 4-5 mpg on the highway. . . Hey, that's only 1/2 our fuel mileage.

What a classic! Cozy, compact, cute, and conservative. I had a '70 VW Westfalia, loud and heatless, but a lot of heart.

Some nights there are two dozen of these in this RV Park, all Europeans or Asians

Interchangeable with the other rental brand. An alternative to shipping your motorhome across the pond.

Nowadays, you have to show at least one tag-along with a tip-out or two, right?

And with one of these 5th wheels, you CAN (and just might) take it all with you

One of five, this is the oldest Airstream in the RV Park. NICE!

A medium-sized motorhome, nice way to travel

We're prejudiced -- This is NOT an RV, it's a park model masquerading as a travel trailer

Not quite a hard-sided camper, not a pop-up. It's a 'tweener -- you get more floor space and more bed space

Just like the Airstream B-Vans, outside looks top-heavy and inside looks comfy

We like this -- a very low-slung 5th wheel. We see fewer of these than the gigantic tall ones --

Seems a neat idea, this slide-in travels low then raises up for headroom in-camp.

There were 130 RVs and we’ve posted pictures of less than 30. Any given night we might see twenty large motor homes, thirty or more rental class Cs, another thirty B-vans, and a wide variety of fifth wheels and tag alongs. And somewhat surprisingly, five Airstreams most nights. We had fun looking at the diversity, and thought you might too. That’s all folks!

See You Down The Road!

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