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Hanging out in North Carolina Piedmont

Kannapolis, named by its founders, The Cannon family, is in a great portion of North Carolina, the Piedmont or foothills. We have been visiting Debbie’s parents and enjoying wonderful spring weather while we reload for our next cross-country travels. We have shopped a little, bought new trailer tires, gotten our hair done, met with our financial advisor and attorney, and visited with family. And no, our FA had no good news for us.

Debbie and I accomplished a lot of errands and I spent a week consulting for our former employer. Saved some money for the hamfest later this week and maybe some money for golf. Times are tough. Golf is so expensive, and tennis is pretty darned cheap. I may not spend much at the hamfest and plan for more tennis than golf. I enjoy both but think tennis is better for me. You can always find a golf game. It can be so tough finding tennis partners on the road. I’ll try anyway.

Today we dropped by Lexington, NC for their famous barbecue. For those who don’t know, around here barbecue doesn’t mean chicken with some sauce on it. We’re talking about hickory-smoked chopped or slice pork. Today’s restaurant was Lexington Barbecue #1 on US29/70.

We ate here last year and since we were nearby we just had to stop again. We ordered sweet tea and a tray and a plate, and it was as good as any we’ve ever had anywhere. There are so many great barbecue joints in NC, and this one is definitely deserving of inclusion in Stern’s Road Food.

We love locating local sights and eats as we travel the continent. How do you find these local places on your own? Great eateries are in many communities and visitors might not dig these out. Road Food, the book, helps and there may also be other similar sorts of guides. One answer is to ask the locals. Judging from the looks of the place tonight, we could also ask the state troopers or sheriff’s deputies, and there are probably many similar sorts of reliable sources for best eateries.

Tomorrow morning we head for Madison, Wisconsin for the WBCCI International Rally. Our arrival date is June 19, so we only need to average approximately 50 miles per day. We won’t really drive only 50 miles per day. Tomorrow we drive 140 miles to Asheville and visit with Jim’s son, Charles. Wednesday morning we head toward Ohio where we’ll attend Hamvention, one of the largest ham radio conventions in the world.

Our stay in Kannapolis, NC has been wonderful. We visited with most of our family, accomplished a lot, and enjoyed the beautiful spring weather. It’s time to head north and find more North America again. See you down the road!