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Cool findings for the New Year

We meet the most interesting people in diverse situations and places. These meetings enhance the flavor of our lives in ways we can never predict. Through our tennis clubs we meet many people and probably spend the most time with them. We meet people through our airstream club activities and affiliation, and likewise through our amateur radio activities, NOMADS, and clubs.

The most surprising meetings, I think, are these through our WordPress site comments. We don’t get an overload of comments (do you know some people get dozens and dozens of comments on each post?!) and we are able sometimes to follow-up with our readers personally. We enjoyed, after meeting him through his comment on our post, following Bill Chance on his wordpress page, especially this post.

My resolutions for the New Year, if I make any, should come from Bill’s excellent post two months ago. Well, really they come from 16 Tips to Simplify Your Life (and Increase Your Productivity) by Tom Basson.  Bill titles one post each week “What I Learned This Week.”  In it he quoted Tom Basson’s 16 Tips.

Thanks to Bill for his aggregation of neat information and very upbeat look at active living. And especially for helping me find what could do really great as my New Year’s resolutions. Even if I didn’t make any of them up.

I like them. At least the first 15 anyway. And checking out evernote might be the best thing I do all year, even if I did all the other 16 too. So I’m all in for Tom’s 16 tips to simplify my life.

Debbie and I sold the house four years ago to start full-timing.  We shed all the furniture and almost all the stuff, keeping only a small storage unit full of irreplaceable (at least we thought so when we placed them in storage) items. We eat simply, spend simply, and try to travel simply.

But there’s room for less, we think. Our house is pretty tiny, especially compared to the 3,000 square feet we formerly filled.  We consistently try to avoid taking on more stuff but stuff still ends up in our book bin and tool box and crannies in the truck’s bed. Less stuff will be a good thing toward simplification of our lives.

Look at Bill Chance’s posts and web site, you’ll be glad you did. And Tom has great posts too — here’s another one of Tom’s I like.  It’s about the superiority of apples.  I like what Stephen said to me last week, iPads and Macs “are designed for humans.”  Check out these guys’ posts and prepare to be surprised and delighted.

Let the New Year roll. Be curious and mentally energetic.  Try to reach out and listen to other people — they’ll probably delight you.  Share good information. Simplify your life. And try not to complicate others’ lives. We wish you peace, warmth, fellowship, and simple pleasures in your New Year.

Jim and Debbie

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