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Cowboy cadillac changes

pretty good mudflaps, but they let some stuff by

We took advantage of cooler weather this week, highs in the 70s, to work a little bit on the truck.  Bought, on recommendation of friend Jerry, a pair of Duraflap mudflaps.  The truck’s rear tires plastered the front of the trailer with salty mud during a mountain crossing late July.  It happens regularly and indicates the Enkay Rock Tamers aren’t fully blocking the road spray from rear tires.

Duraflaps really rock on this 2500HD

So I removed the trim little mudflaps from the truck’s rear wheel wells and installed these awesome Duraflaps. These are extra-long and extra-wide (14″).  They project an inch or two beyond the wheel well flares and rest six inches above pavement with the truck loaded but not hitched to trailer.

The folks at Duraflap were great on our order.  We placed it on-line and the next day they emailed for clarification, to make sure we really wanted 14″ wide and long flaps.  The two-way information exchange gave me comfort about what we were getting. The Duraflaps are made, and shipped from, Oregon.

Jerry had recommended the drill-less installation model, so we tried it.  The installation was a breeze.  An 11 mm box wrench and a couple of sockets were the only tools we used, and the job took little more than an hour.  We’ll measure again and make sure the Duraflaps have at least four inches clearance with the trailer lashed up to truck.  Duraflaps plus Enkay Rock Tamers might do the job.

Another caravaner, George, had recently trailered to Alaska and back and shared his ideas about vehicle and trailer preparation.  His arsenal included sleeving his exposed (under-belly) propane lines with neoprene pipe insulation, installing a grill insert to protect the radiator from gravel, and applying Xpel lens covers on his truck’s front lights.

headlight lens protectorWe ordered the lens covers kit directly from Xpel and they shipped promptly and accurately.  These are 1/16″ thickness lexan lenses with protective paper.  The cut is very good, the covers fit nicely.  The instructions are plain and helpful.

The installation required a few minutes per lens, or under twenty minutes for all six lenses.  Everything went without a hitch and my headlights might be almost unbreakable.

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