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NOMADS, a United Methodist Committee on Relief Mission

What can nine old Methodists accomplish in a few weeks? We spent three weeks in Lake Worth and Delray Beach FL working with seven other people performing volunteer work for the community. None of our group’s members worked together before this period but we melded wonderfully. We accomplished a tremendous amount of much-needed work.

Who are NOMADS? NOMADS stands for Nomads On a Mission Active in Divine Service – NOMADS provide volunteer labor for United Methodist organizations. NOMADS demonstrate God’s love through our work and by listening to the people with whom we work. We do new construction, remodeling, and repairs for churches, children’s homes, camps, colleges, outreach missions and disaster recovery. Team members do maintenance, cleaning, organizing, painting, electrical, drywall, sewing, flooring. NOMADS do it all!

We work three-week sessions in a location and can choose from sessions all over the country. Some joke NOMADS are Numerous Old Methodists Avoiding Deep Snow. It’s true we can find work locations with good weather most of the year. So we prefer to think of NOMADS as Numerous Old Methodists Actually Doing Something. And NOMADS provides us retirement with a purpose!

Look at this sampling of what our team accomplished over the past three weeks in Palm Beach County at two locations:

Week 1
Painted courtyard walls and kitchen wall behind fridge
Stuffed newsletter mailings
Replaced damaged section of kitchen floor
Replaced hardware and gaskets in bathrooms
Cleaned shelves, walls, ceiling fans, lights, conduit, vent covers, floor fans
Cleaned up, mowed, pruned, weeded, edged, lawn
Prepared meals and served beverages
Cleaned and repaired commercial food warming trays
Sorted meds and first aid supplies
Painted kitchen, restrooms, pot wash room, double doors, stage floor and front
Packaged and distributed meats and produce to clients
Adjusted brakes on client’s bicycle
Replaced safety ropes by bike rack
Unloaded frozen chicken from delivery truck

Repaired stall doors and repainted
Repaired plaster at window
Painted doors, stalls, arch
Power-washed cans, mats, and cooler shelves
Painted cooler shelves
Washed storage bins and rearranged storage
Moved all chairs and tables to outside, scrubbed clean
Swept, mopped, stripped and waxed dining room
Cleaned kitchen vent
Replaced cooler shelves and restocked
Cleaned and organized paper storage closet
Inventoried and organized “flood buckets”
Sanded and second-coated double doors
Planned and estimated materials for fence and gate

Scrubbed, primed, and painted north wall of fellowship hall
Repainted large entrance sign
Set fence and gate posts
Installed braces for pan shelving
Painted second coat on stage front
Removed and replaced jalousie window with double-hung hi-impact
Emptied walk-in cooler and cleaned floor, replaced all contents
Checked and re-lamped exterior security lighting
Packaged health kits and distributed to clients
Removed damaged refrigerator to curb from client’s house

CROS Ministries (Christians Reaching Out to Society) and Caring Kitchen are wonderful agencies providing for a multitude of Palm Beach County’s needy people. We are privileged to have worked so closely with them these past three weeks doing anything the agencies asked of us. And it was a wide variety of services! We will look forward to our next mission trip with NOMADS.

Jim and Debbie

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Three busy weeks in Florida

Seventeen days we’ve spent in Florida this year.  While we miss Arizona, Florida has treated us very well.  Rain, what very little we’ve had, has come only in the wee hours of the morning.  Temperatures daily have averaged 75 degrees.

Okay, humidity is consistently above 70 percent and the palmetto bugs and lizards are conspiring to either lift our trailer to their favorite spot or invest in condos within.  These aren’t problems, yet.

We’ve been busy again!  Our first week we visited in Orlando with ham radio friends from all over the states.  Hamcation, organized by the Orlando Area Radio Club, is a fun hamfest with especially user-friendly features.

We parked our RVs in a cozy cluster alongside a pretty lake in the regional fairgrounds.  The professional vendors rented space in the fairground’s show buildings while tailgaters showed their wares throughout the twenty-odd acres of open field parking surrounding our RV area on three sides.

Our favorite aspects of this Hamcation “rally” are the daily socials with our WBCCI and RV Service Net friends and the proximity of the hamfest to the RVs.  We can saunter over to the vendor show, cruising the  tailgater area along our way, and shortly we slip back to our RVs awhile.

We can test our purchases, think them over, decide to double or return them, or return to the vendors and ask another question or three about something we didn’t think of (of course) while we were there.  Very very convenient and unlike any hamfest we’ve attended anywhere.  And we have a lot of fun!

Our second week we spent in Sarasota with the WBCCI Florida State Rally (FSR), again at fairgrounds.  Unlike our cozy cluster of fifty RVs in Hamcation’s rally area we now are part of 335 Airstreams packed tightly in four parking areas.  And in the Sarasota County Fairgrounds we are inundated by dust from a constant stream of cars and golf carts and RVs zipping by just in front of our parking space.

The FSR is a well-organized event with nightly entertainment, daily games, a petite but interesting vendor show (approx 25 vendors), and Airstream friends from all over U.S. and Canada.  Again we were active with our ham radio club friends too, hosting a couple of socials, participating in the FCC licensing exam and talking antennae and gear.

This week we enjoyed a dinner and Bible study at Cason Methodist in Delray Beach.  We studied a few dozen verses of Acts together after a nice meal together.  We’re camped behind St Paul’s Episcopal in probably the only rv parking allowed in the city.  The staff and congregation at St Paul’s have been wonderful hosts and we appreciate them greatly.

Yesterday we completed our NOMADS project’s first of three week in Lake Worth and Delray Beach.  Nine volunteers, including us, assembled Sunday afternoon to provide cleaning, repairs, and painting to Caring Kitchen and CROS Ministries.

We’ve painted a large breezeway and repaired damaged kitchen flooring and door hardware at Calvary Methodist in Lake Worth.  At Caring Kitchen we’ve  sorted and bagged vegetables and meat, helped prepare meals, handed out food bags, cleaned, painted, unloaded food trucks, cut and edged the lawn, trimmed shrubs, and cleaned the parking lot.

Nine people working six hours daily can accomplish amazing things.  A lot of work we are providing is a drop in the bucket compared to the agency’s needs.  A few improvements might last but Caring Kitchen depends upon constant daily input from many many volunteers.

I counted yesterday almost twenty volunteers at one time working to sustain the daily operation.  Only three paid staff members, tons of donated food, and dozens of volunteers all come together to provide over 100,000 meals annually to hungry people locally.  April, Guillermo, and Sister Mary Ann are incredible multi-taskers, orchestrating an amazing array of resources and needs to calmly and consistently keep this operation humming.

Debbie and I celebrated last night completing our first week’s work.  We walked throughout Delray Beach’s downtown business area.  Several blocks are saturated with restaurants, many with outdoor dining.  Interspersed are art galleries, high-end boutiques and clothing shops. We were interested to witness so much affluence only hours after helping serve so many very needy people.  What a contrast!

The sun’s up, Debbie’s not, I’m enjoying listening to the cocks crowing and the birds singing their good morning songs.  I’m on my second cup of tea, today’s the first day of our three-day weekend.  Life is good.  We’re in 75 degrees, skies are fair, we’re healthy and well-fed, we have a bed and shelter.  We have it so very good and we’re grateful.

Jim and Debbie

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