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It’s finally warming a little

We are enjoying slowly warming temperatures and will hopefully start seeing less cold. We’ve been wishing for weeks it would warm up, maybe we can go to the beach sometime. Or even hang out poolside — with the cool and breezes we haven’t often felt tempted to get down to just swimsuits.

Sunset over Lake Okeechobee

One evening we walked a little of the Lake Okeechobee rim to watch the sunset. It was a good one, not only because the wind was down and weather a little warmer, but we had a pretty nice sunset too. From our door to the rim’s footpath is only 1/2 mile, so we’ll do this some more.

This past few week’s persistent and strong winds have disinclined us to try and hit any tennis together but we’ll probably try to get out next week a few times. Jim gets out once or twice a week with the town’s local tennis group for a few sets of doubles. We both would play a lot more if tennis courts were on our park’s campus.

Debbie is enjoying aerobics 3 days a week plus line dancing another day, and we both are in a dancing class on Wednesdays. This year we have continued working on waltz and the sixteen step (Polka, you know), and are adding a swing step that is sort of similar to Shag. The start step, and turns, and twinkles are interchangeable between both dances. Now we just need practice to keep from forgetting what we’re learning.

Today has been really sunny with the sky a beautiful deep blue color. First low-wind morning in over a week, and we hit 70 degrees for the first day in many. We had a productive shopping trip this morning to the flea market vendors for some electrical fittings and some used tools for upcoming projects. And Jim picked up a small relay from Radio Shack for another wiring project.

Speaking of projects, Jim’s had a lot of fun with a few of them these cool several days. He mounted a very small switch on the doors of our wardrobes. Our LED lights inside the wardrobe now turn on automatically when we open the door. Convenient this is, but we are still getting used to it. We sometimes turn the light off accidentally, instead of letting the little switch do it.

He added a GPS-18pc puck to our Kenwood ham radio. We now have dynamic GPS tracking whenever our truck goes anywhere. This is a novelty for us, to watch where our truck has been. You can see what the tracking looks like for yourself here, if you’re interested. This link shows the past 24 hours, and you can select from the right side of your screen for longer or shorter periods.

Today Jim rewired some of the 12 volt accessory power distribution for our truck. We have the gps puck, a navigation gps, and a tire pressure monitoring system all getting their power from accessory plugs, like cigarette lighter plugs. These are bulky and sometimes get in the way.

So Jim removed two of these accessory plugs and replaced them with Andersen power poles. These nifty connectors are a standard among many amateur radio operators, and are very effective for mobile wiring, especially since he is soldering all his wire connections.

He also plans to change the main circuit for the accessories so it is fed through a 12vdc spst relay instead of feeding through a switch. We installed a switch to allow a convenient disconnect for all the accessories we added in the truck cab. Our re-wiring of the trailer’s ham radio power circuit went so well Jim wants to replicate it in the truck.

The relay allows us to turn power off and on for a large wire circuit using a small switch and control wire. The relay is like a heavy duty switch we can mount out of sight under the dash somewhere. The benefit is to allow smaller (less bulky) wire and terminals to the switch, so the switch doesn’t need as much space. And, the relay is a better connector between the battery and the accessories. Plus, it gives Jim something fun to do.

Tonight is only going to be 40 degrees F, warmer than any of the past several nights. And tomorrow is going into the mid-70s so we’re expecting a really nice day. We’re ready for the nicer weather — if we thought somewhere else would reliably have nicer weather we’d seriously have considered relocating.

Wherever you are, we hope you too are seeing a little warmer weather on its way. Our weather has been as variable and cooler-than-normal as everywhere else. Just not as cool as most places, so we’ll stay here and wait for warm days. And we’ll start seeing the warming weather over the next two weeks. Bring it on — we can do with a little warming!

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