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Granby and Grand Lake, CO

Escaped the Moab heat, running north toward Rocky Mountain National Park. Figured if latitude doesn’t bring cooler temperatures, altitude surely will. We can win either way by following the Colorado River up up up. And Granby Lake offers nice camping and a couple of nearby towns.

Granby Lake, CO, in the morning sunlight

Our first night in Colorado, well south of Granby, was at Rifle Gap State Park. Pretty hot despite being very windy. Fortunately, the Granby Lake area is cooler by at least ten degrees. Granby’s Stillwater Campground sits near the water and offers several loops. Most of the campsites offer good views of Granby Lake.

Tuesday afternoon we drove in and walked up and down the Grand Lake boardwalk. This is a cute small town with a little of everything. We visited a backpacking store, coffee shop, and small grocery store. The backpacking store folks are really helpful and found a 2L replacement drinking water bladder in their storeroom for us.

The Village Hub is a nice local coffee shop with friendly service, an option to use real mugs instead of styro, great coffee (and ice cream and pastry), and nice tables and seating. We were deciding where to sit when another couple, seated on a sofa, asked if they had overheard that we are RVers.

We introduced ourselves to Pat and Don, and Pat told us they travel in a Holiday Rambler. Don added they aren’t full-timers but have traveled all but a couple of months in a year. Debbie asked if those two months weren’t spent working on the house and yard. And, of course, it probably was.

Unlikely as it looks, this is one great steakhouse

Jim was wearing a fun tee-shirt he picked up in Albuquerque at Monte Carlo Liquor and Steak House. Turns out Pat and Don live in Albuquerque, and hadn’t heard of this local restaurant. We had fun laughing at the notion, you hear about something in your own neighborhood when you’re 800 miles away.

Pat and Don finished their coffee and ran out of time so we didn’t talk as long as we all could have. It was fun meeting and talking with these nice Holiday Rambler folks while enjoying our coffee in the Village Hub. Are RVers just the nicest people to meet on the road? Or are the nicest people in Granby and Grand Lake, CO?

Don’t know, need to do more research — see you down the road!

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