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Hunkered down in Gillette, WY

The rain didn’t start until after we arrived and set up yesterday. Last night and all day today we have had rain. A very fine mist at times, a soaking rain others. And it is chilly!

The outdoor temperature at 4 p.m. today is 45 degrees, and we haven’t seen it much higher all day. The low tonight is 42 degrees, tomorrow promises the same conditions as today.

We’re camped in a large grassy campground in the eastern section of the Gillette CamPlex complex. It is a brisk twenty minute walk to the buildings, no shortcut found so far. More exploring in order if/when the weather clears.

Gillette proclaims itself the energy capital of the world. We might, if Homeland Security doesn’t object, receive a tour of one of the large open pit coal mines nearby. We’re looking forward also to exploring the area.

We’ll be here one month, so we’ll really find our way around Gillette and the CamPlex, and might learn our way around this corner of Wyoming as well. We’re looking forward to this time off the road. Except for replacing the trailer’s right rear tire, we don’t have a lot we have to do.

Our first job with the Club is to help the Rally Cashier collect additional fees from folks bringing in unregistered family or friends, or from folks who haven’t paid their registration.

Next week we will add responsibilities in coordinating rally Awards, helping in setting up the rally amateur radio club station, and preparing and presenting two full-timing seminars.

In between we hope we can play some tennis each week, catch up on our reading and relax in what, hopefully, will be nicer weather.

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