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Other Views of the World’s Largest Ham Radio Convention

We left NC to attend the world’s largest ham radio convention, Hamvention, in Dayton OH. Weather was very very mixed — rain, cold, frozen rain, rain, sunny. Our wardrobes were well tested in the few days of this big show. This is our third year as volunteer shuttle drivers.

driving a shuttle cart at Hamvention 2014

Many hams have big and bigger antennas, and some organizations can afford even larger ones. This one is top of the line, shown here by the well-heeled local amateur radio society. I think this big antenna tower is attached to the top of the white van.

A typical sight at Hamvention -- BIG BEAM

Not everything in Dayton was about amateur radio, though. Our friends invited us to dinner at The Engineer’s Club, a 100 year old Dayton establishment. The tech men and women of Dayton were (and are) just incredibly talented and imaginative. What a great bunch of brains! Those engineering folks did a great job accommodating fine dining and friendships too.


Full-timers can’t pack just anything in their portable home. We shed a lot of furniture and possessions when we sold our house and moved into this 188 sf home. You have priorities, you know what is worth carrying, and when to bring it out. How big is the cellar in that rig?

Party? What party?

Work awhile, play awhile, it’s even better with friends. This fun group of friends gathered in John Bryan State Park a little NE of Dayton, for an early Memorial Day picnic. We enjoyed fantastic weather for several days in this gorgeous state park. Celebrating with our friends is best!

Memorial Day Picnic, a week early

After the partying, we seriously needed exercise. John Bryan State Park is cleverly situated adjacent to Clifton Gorge, a very nifty and sometimes stunning walk in the woods. We donned our backpacks, stuffed full of junk to create training weight for our August backpacking trip, and walked the length of the trail along Clifton Gorge and back. No pictures of how we look afterward!

Narrows at the Clifton Gorge

Next up? Let’s go to greater Indianapolis IN the same weekend another 1/2 million people do, and see how we can stay out of their way.

See you there!

Jim and Debbie
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Beginning our trek to AK

Kannapolis NC to Copper Hill VA

We’re on our way to Alaska, today is day four. We left Kannapolis NC Wednesday for Virginia Highland Haven Airstream Park. It was an easy drive, perfect for the first driving day. We had a really nice site adjacent to Jerry and Ann, same spots we first stayed with them July 2005. It was nice to see them and share a couple of meals, a couple of beers, a couple of stories. And Jim and Jerry spent a couple hours working on the trailers together.

Copper Hill VA to Dayton OH

Early Friday morning we left Highland Haven to drive through Virginia’s beautiful countryside through Christiansburg then winding about to find I-77 north. The drive from Highland Haven to Christiansburg was a little hairy but uneventful. Thankfully we weren’t handicapped by the weather for that portion. Rain fell torrentially for later parts of our long day’s drive toward Dayton OH, but mostly we drove under cloudy skies.

Today we traveled with Charlie and Janet to Lebanon OH to visit with ham and airstream friends Jack AA8Q and Marge WD8DSN in their lovely community. Our visit and tour was great and Jack gave Jim some needed pointers about amateur radio digital modes, much appreciated.

This evening Charlie, Janet, and we went for tapas and drinks with Herman K8KOT and Gloria KD8KOT, lovely restauranteurs, at their El Mesón in Dayton. Empañadas, bread with pico de gallo, mojitos, and rice and beans gave us the needed strength to sleep through yet another night without arising for a midnight snack. The food and company were wonderful, we always enjoy seeing the Castros at their restaurant or at Hamcation in Orlando.

And now it’s time to head up the road. Debbie spent a little time today planning tomorrow’s trip. Full-timing, we don’t get too wrapped up about our route or making reservations for each night. Reservations limit us except for holiday weekends when they enable us to find a precious spot. We’ll get a good night’s sleep and look forward to sunny skies and clear roads.

We allowed enough time to drive short days and stay two nights anywhere we want enroute to Dawson Creek, B.C.. No more 400 mile days for us — we want to drive 200 miles, leave the road by 2pm, and stay at least two nights. We think we can do this, we have such good practice from other summer travels.

See you down the road,

Jim and Debbie,
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