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Cable TV and Camping in state parks

We left Okeechobee FL this morning, heading north. Not very far north, we are forty-five minutes above Jacksonville FL at Crooked River State Park in St Marys GA. We’ve camped here a couple times previously and thought we knew what to expect. So we were very surprised to learn we would tonight be watching the NCAA sweet sixteen game between UNC and Marquette on cable tv. I mean, how many times will we run into cablevision in a state park?

All we needed was broadcast reception for any CBS affiliate so we had checked out a Jacksonville FL and an Atlanta GA CBS station, hoping they would get their digital signals into this small coastal community somehow. Debbie asked the state park volunteer, as we were checking in, “Can we pick up CBS here?”

The park volunteer responded, “We have cablevision.”

Debbie thought she meant the park hosts have cable and maybe don’t know what other campers do or don’t have. I felt like the woman was telling us the sites have cable. We asked, “You mean the sites have cablevision?” And the answer, so cool for us, is yes.

Two years ago we were through here and staked out a seat at Trolley’s downtown St Marys for the Tarheels game in NCAA tournament. Gosh, maybe we should have asked about cablevision then? We’re sitting in front of the television now watching early minutes of the Tarheels against Marquette’s Golden Eagles. It’s going well so far, we can only hope.

Our friends know we rarely even unpack our television and then usually just to watch a movie. And then to be able to hook up to cablevision for this NCAA sweet sixteen game?

This is as great as it is unusual. Who’d of thought we’d find cablevision in a state park? And to have it for this sweet sixteen game? Oh yeah, Go Tarheels!

Jim and Debbie

P.S. Sorry about the dookies against Arizona yesterday, huge loss. We’re hoping for better for us tonight.

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