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Contemporary Small House – Airstream

You never know what’ll turn up under the next rock. Debbie and I are enjoying our eighth year of full time living in our 25′ Airstream trailer. We love living on the road, able to travel where and when we want.

A year ago we closed on a nice piece of land. Now we wonder how small a house we can afford to build. Browse the web with different key words for search terms, and you may find an endless array of hits. How many floorplans do we need for enough choice?

We keep looking. The iHouse isn’t offered anymore. Still, there are enough new options to keep us looking. Sometimes we find really stupid hits on the Internet. On the other hand, we get lucky too. Look what we found today when we searched “contemporary small homes”:


Pretty cool. We should get one, right?

Hanging out in Corpus Christi for the month