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We Saved $11 at Camping World Today

Arrived in Rayne Lousiana a week ago for a rally.  Tried to plug our 30amp cord in for power to the trailer and the 30 amp plug disintegrated in Jim’s hand.  We replaced the oem plug four years ago with a hard plastic one and it seemed okay although it was really difficult to unplug from adapters sometimes.  Now it became unusable and unrepairable.  Fortunately Herb and Lois, full timer friends, were waiting for us and had an adapter we could borrow.  


We used our 20amp cord (an old 12-3 heavy duty 3-wire tool cord) to power the trailer for the duration of the rally. Today, driving east on I-10, we stopped in Camping World and found a great looking replacement 30a plug.  Jim spent fifteen minutes replacing the plug and we’re back in business.


The 20a cord works fine for everything we used during the past week.  Our voltage remained above 120 volts even when using the 1,500 watt space heater.  The weather stayed cool enough that we didn’t even consider turning on the air conditioning.  

The weather was very cool last Tuesday, 16 degrees overnight.  Finally today we saw temperatures above 71 degrees as we towed east.   We’re headed for Florida, with a side-trip to NC for some exciting developments we’ll talk about next.

In case you’re interested, here’s the replacement 30a plug we bought.  It is especially nice because it has a D-handle to ease pulling it.


Glad to be back!  See you soon.

See you down the road!
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It’s about being seen, not seeing

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An interesting day today on Interstate 40 in pouring rain. Although there was partial daylight today, visibility was between awful and poor at times. We encountered dozens of cars, jeeps, and pickups with either no lights on at all, or driving lights and no tail lights. Have you ever looked behind your car when your key is on to see if the driving lights also turn on the tail lights? It could matter a lot. It is sometimes more about being seen than seeing.

Weather radar today for us

Weather radar today for us

When do we hitch up and tow in the rain? We can’t remember the last time this happened. Until today, that is. Jim was soaked through after hitching us up this morning. Yesterday we spent an entire rainy day in Asheville. Jim’s children met us for lunch at Tacos Jalisco — five stars for great service and food. We ate the tacos al pastor. The food and salsas were excellent and we enjoyed talking a little with the owner.

Last evening, we went to a very nice wedding of the elder daughter of Jim’s best friend. Intended to be an outdoor wedding, instead one hundred revelers were in a 4,000 sf tent. The wedding went perfectly. We were glad to see friends again from as much as a decade ago. And the buffet was so good — Charles, Jim’s son, said it best — “I love food at southern weddings.” We had cornbread, bbq, collards, beans, and potato salad. Some dancing, a lot of visiting, a little roasting and toasting the bride and groom. A great wedding.

picture of gas jet

Dometic gas jet

This morning Jim hitched up our trailer, dumped tanks, put away cords, and was thoroughly rained through. He changed into dry clothes and we drove from Asheville to the Camping World in Statesville, 100 miles east. We had ordered a spare gas jet for our trailer’s refrigerator. It’s handy to have a spare for when the fridge won’t run on gas.

We don’t know for sure whether the jet is the problem. But every time we take it out, soak it overnight, blow it dry, and re-install it, the fridge switches to gas perfectly. Now we’ll have a spare gas jet to replace immediately and can take our time cleaning the dirty one. Odd thing, though, is we didn’t have this problem for the first four years. Recently we have this problem every couple of weeks. We’re wondering if we have dirty gas piping between the bottles and the fridge.

Camping World’s parts department ordered the jet in for us and called us a few days ago to confirm it arrived. They held it ready for our pickup today, and picking it up was a breeze. Of course, we always find something we didn’t plan on when shopping at Camping World. Today was no exception, but that’s a story for another day.

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Kold in Ketchum, Id

We camped at Camping World in Meridian (a few miles east of Boise) last night. They have 30amp electric at the sites, the police patrol it a few times per night, and this time (I guess it was just too cold) the irrigation sprinklers didn’t irrigate the side of our trailer.

Yesterday we left Garden Valley and Bob and Faith in the mid-afternoon. It was a wonderful stay, their park is so peaceful and nice, right against a fork of the Payette River. Bob gave us a nice tour of the surrounding areas before we left. Then we drove to Boise and Meridian for the night, hoping Camping World might have our refrigerator part (a lower control board) by now.

Alas, the part is not in and they don’t really know when it will arrive. They will allow Bob to pick it up if it arrives before he heads for Phoenix. Or they can forward it to one of the six dozen Camping Worlds in the Phoenix area if it is too late.

Since we already are there, we back into a spot and hook up our electrical cord to use their electricity and turn on our small ceramic heater. Then we head for our errands. These were alot of fun, to get as many errands done Friday evening as we can. Then we can awake Saturday morning and head for Ketchum.

It seemed like more but we, in less than two hours, bought an air filter for the truck from Schucks, a slate tile for the oven from Lowes, foodsaver (seal-a-meal) bags from Wal-Mart, gas from Fred Meyers for the truck, and groceries from Fred Meyers. Way to go!

We’ve been in Idaho for almost two weeks and haven’t been warm yet. So much for chasin’ 75 degrees, eh? Our exit plan is to hitch up and head south, toward Phoenix, Az. It’s warm there, right?

But we’re looking fwd to attending the Trailing of the Sheep tomorrow downtown Ketchum and the Sun Valley Jazz Festival next week. So let’s give this slightly cooler environment a chance.

We are parked in a big ski resort parking lot — sort of gravel/asphalt and slightly inclined for drainage. Today there are a dozen RVs, seven of them Airstreams. We’ve met some new people both in Airstreams and in other brands. You know, you just cannot tell the difference once they step away from their RV. . .

Drove about Sun Valley and Ketchum today, just to orient and find important stuff. Found the showers and, although we didn’t have our clean clothes with us, took advantage of free availability. Wow, resort showers are just a shade nicer than national park showers. Free warm towels, body wash and shampoo, hot water without putting quarters into a slot, and really nice lotion for post-shower.

Pictures after tomorrow — just wanted to get a leg up on our posts since it has been awhile. See ya down the road!

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