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Is Your House Secure?

We were talking yesterday with a bunch of fellow travelers.  The conversation went to travel blogging. One of them said,

“Our travel blog is private.  Only our family members can access it. We don’t want to advertise the times our home is vacant.”

picture of security door

Just don’t invite them if you are not home

Today I was enjoying reading Rudy Maxa’s Travel Minutes, looking for his take on airline ticket purchasing. Rudy posted this neat article a couple of months ago about exposing your house during your absences.

House thieves in a large city apparently obtained, on an ongoing basis, “stop orders” for the daily newspaper. We never considered stopping our newspaper a risk — quite the opposite, we figured we were methodically covering our absence from the sticks and bricks home.

Our rolling home now moves rather frequently. It might be difficult for an under-achiever to find our house. Just in case, though, we don’t want to disclose the best times to not find us home.

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