Enjoying Full-Time Living in Our Airstream Trailer

Enjoyed a few cups of coffee with friends today and returned to the house mid-morning. What to do with all that morning caffeine? Turned on some energy music, pulled out a few cleaning supplies, and started burning calories. Cleaned ceilings, walls, floors and doors of all our rooms. How long does that take? About two albums worth, listened to all of Led Zeppelin and Led Zeppelin II.

Airstream walls and ceilings all clean

cleaning’s ez pz

This brings up a benefit of living in a tiny house. Our former home was 3,000 feet on two floors plus a detached 1.5 story 2 car garage. We lived in four rooms of that large house, the bedroom, small den, breakfast nook, and kitchen. With company, we’d use more space. How often would that happen? We’ve known homeowners of all ages who lived similarly, gravitating toward the cozy space for reading or browsing, eating in the kitchen, sleeping in the bedroom, while supporting a house of anywhere from 2,000 to 6,000 square feet. The less-used spaces still require upkeep of dusting and vacuuming. Somehow all the washrooms seem to need cleaning. There are lots more windows to clean.

For now, we’re enjoying the benefits of living well in our tiny house. Do NOT get rid of your nice home. We love visiting you. We love occasionally housesitting for you (we call it “playing house.”) You love your home and we do too. In a way we don’t really know what we’re missing. Some ask us, “What d’ya miss most about your house?” Our answer varies with the season or our moods.

How do you answer about something that, in a way, never was? Sometimes we reply, “We never lived in it as retirees – as soon as we quit our jobs, we sold our stuff and the house and split. We don’t know what it would be like to live there now.” We also fondly recall hosting folks for large gatherings, like Jim’s high school class during Christmas holidays 2007, or a sister’s wedding brunch with family from near and far, and baby showers for friends and family. Just can’t invite as many into this tiny house. Those are nice memories. Would those occasions still arise if we had a large enough house? Do we miss doing those?

How many camping stoves does a fast-hiking 4-person backpacking team need to carry? Does everyone need a car in case they want to run an errand, or can we share cars or support mass-transit and taxi solutions more economically (and with less carbon footprint?) Do we all need enough house to host family and neighborhood gatherings? Is it fair for the tiny house people to not share in the cost of the host homes? Are we willing to own and maintain a “big home” again?

A large fixed location house isn’t currently one of our needs. We don’t miss owning a large home. Taxes, maintenance, and utilities comprise the large portion of an annual household budget. We’re saving, by not supporting a large home, nearly half of our current entire annual budget. We’re enjoying volunteer leadership for the Wally Byam Airstream Club, life in our Airstream trailer, and our ability to travel where, when and for how long we want.

How much Spring Cleaning time do we save by living tiny? It’s not really the point. We’re enjoying living full-time in our Airstream tiny house. Easy maintenance, inside and out, is a great feature of Airstream trailers. We love living in ours.

See you down the road,

Jim and Debbie
see us at dreamstreamr odyssey, chasing 75 degrees
see what’s going on at WBCCI, The Wally Byam Airstream Club

6 responses to “Enjoying Full-Time Living in Our Airstream Trailer

  1. Jim and Debbie, we really enjoyed this post. You are a decade ahead of us. We started living full time in our Airstream in April 2016. See you ‘down the road’

    • Love your blog title – isn’t it true, the Airstream’s are so gorgeous inside. Still loving ours!

      Good luck on your adventure. Pls let us know if any questions we may help with.

      Jim and Deb
      Here today, somewhere else tomorrow

  2. We have been watching people building and living in tiny houses on HGTV. We can’t understand why someone would want to live in and relocate such an impractical home when compared to an Airstream. If you can’t afford a new one, get a used one, like we did. Thank you, Jim and Deb for sharing your adventure in your truly wonderful and readily moveable tiny home.

    • Rich and Julie,
      We agree about the floor plans of many of the tiny homes. We love our “one level” floor plan and feel like our space layout was so well done by Airstream Company’s designers. Kudos to Christoper C Deam for his key part in this design in the early 2000’s – he sure hit a home run! Too, our 25′ Airstream “tiny home” is easily towed with a light truck, tows like a dream. Easy to park, beautiful to live in, what’s not to love? That’s our opinion, at least.

      So sorry we didn’t get to talk with you two at TR, we were so caught up with Airstream Club stuff this visit. Saw you from across the room a couple of times.

  3. Hi Debbie & Jim!
    I have been following you on this blog for a few months, but just now put two and two together.
    So glad we got to meet you.
    We roll our Airstream out of RoVer’s Roost on April 1 and start heading east for more adventures. Hope we can meet up again at some point.

    • Page,
      It was great fun to meet you and Bob. I learned a lot from, and had fun, talking with him. We visited four other SKP parks afterward and agree with you two, RoVer’s Roost is the friendliest. Look forward to seeing you before long! BTW, I finished today updating all our web pages at http://dreamstreamr.com If you haven’t, go by then tell me what you think? I’d love your response.

      Thanks for following us – Keeps us interested in writing when we hear from folks.

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