Air travel is Again safe

Tried to get through TSA screening today with Chapstick in my pocket. It’s nonmetallic, non-liquid, right? The full-body scanner picked it up, thank heavens. We then submitted to the one-on-one.

“Sir, do you have items in your pocket?”

“Yes.” Reach in and retrieve the Chapstick, and I show it to him.

“Sir, I’ll need to pat you on that side.” I guess it was good for him. Then he said, “Please open the Chapstick.”

Okay, that worked. I get to keep my Chapstick. They either didn’t detect the individually wrapped lifesaver mint in my other pocket or they know what it is. Probably the latter, eh?

I hope we’re safer now. So long as only goodness comes in Chapstick- and smaller-sized packages, I do feel safer.


2 responses to “Air travel is Again safe

  1. I have had two interactions with TSA through the years which were memorable. In the first, I was flying for USAirways as a flight attendant and was in full uniform, on duty, and headed for a flight. As I walked through the scanner the alarm went off. So… ma’am would you come with me. My pockets were empty and I was wanded with arms stretched out. The alarm goes off. So a small crowd gathers to watch the flight attendant get patted down with arms still stretched out. With latex gloves on, the TSA woman pats me down, focusing on my chest area. She is actually feeling me up! I am the center of attention and feel my cheeks flush and heart rate increase.Then I remembered. That morning, I had put on my new, miracle underwire pushup bra. Mystery solved. I never wore that bra to work again. In the second event, I was returning from Vermont last year, having visited a good friend and attending her mother’s funeral. I had bought a small block of Vermont cheddar cheese and it was in my carry on luggage. I guess on x ray it looked like plastic explosives. I thought THAT was a good catch, not my suspicious breasts. Best wishes to you and Debbie. Missie

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