Well Done!

The Yadkin Well folks stopped drilling Thursday evening. They returned yesterday morning with yet two more trucks, one for water, fuel, and drilling pipe, and the other with a big bad hydraulic pump. The latter truck has a name on it, “Rock Buster.”

The two guys started their morning pulling 65 20′ joints of drilling pipe out of the ground and stacking these on their flat bed truck. We left for town, didn’t really want to risk jinxing the next operation. We’ve spent way too much time nearby while they were unsuccessfully mining for water.

on our driveway

on our driveway

We returned yesterday afternoon as the guys were stowing their gear. They successfully hit water, so we’re happy campers. A few more days and we’ll have full hookups. Amenities = quiet, cool, private, +1 mile trails, beautiful woods.

75' from our camper

75′ from our camper

The turkeys like it, so do the deer and woodchucks. Not so much the squirrel. Yep, lone squirrel, the only one we’ve seen.

See you down the road!

Jim and Debbie

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8 responses to “Well Done!

  1. So happy they found water!!

  2. That adds new meaning to “long tall drink of water” :)

    • Har dee har, Buck. Here we are, worn to the end of our 65×20′ drill pipes, and you come up with this reminder. Just kidding, I love it, and think we’ll just have to get a sign identifying it with the name, “Long, tall drink of water.” Perfect.

      Thanks for joining in, appreciate your comments.


  3. Careful with the “storage shed.” Ours grew to be 26 x 32 (feet).

    • Our state and local government are here to help. I can’t build or install anything with a side longer than 12′ unless I take out a permit and “pay the tax,” or permit fee. No limit to the number of sheds I build. Oh well. First one will be “Shed 1.” It’ll take six to match yours. Full size basement, 30’x30’x12′ high might eventually take care of the remainder.

  4. Hi Jim and Debbie

    are ya’ll heading back to Arizona for the winter? or have you decided to winter in NC?


    • Neither, I guess. We’re mostly enjoying Fall changes in NC for now. More if the rain would clear out. After Christmas we’re heading to a couple of rallies on Gulf Coast, then likely will head to Florida for warmer wx.

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