And when it gets even cooler,

Full-timing means we’re living in our RV, right? We still are enjoying our travels. We traveled a lot in the first half of 2015. The second half, so far, has involved traveling to four or five rallies and spending time on our land. We love traveling, seeing people, enjoying activities in local and special event rallies (more on these later!) But we’re becoming attracted to “the other side.” You know, the “home place” attractions where you like working and relaxing on your own space.

Owning a little land in the NC mountains has various benefits including a lot of exercise, gorgeous views most days, dark skies, and quiet. One benefit we initially overlooked is the apple crop. You might remember we first viewed our land 23 months ago, Thanksgiving 2013, and closed on it January 2014. We heard there were cooking and eating apples, but no details. Somehow last year we missed the entire apple production.

Returning from WBCCI International Rally this Summer we spent many days hand mowing weeds and cleaning up the heritage apple orchard on the northwest corner of our land. Gradually it started looking like an orchard again. The trees are long-neglected but still productive.

Four big apple trees have given us good eating and cooking apples for over a month. Four trees produce four distinctly different apple varieties. Perhaps next year we’ll take some to a local expert and get them typed – we have no idea what kind they are. And, there are more apple trees up hill from the orchard with apples we haven’t even tried.

Today we may have harvested the last of our apples in an afternoon-long effort to beat tonight’s freeze. The weather guessers claim a low temperature of 29 deg tonight, and 30 tomorrow night. We picked all the apples we could, in case the freeze hits our little orchard. Now to look up some more recipes for apple dishes. Who knows, we could get tired of fresh apple crisp with butter pecan ice cream.

Why wouldn't everyone want apple trees?

Why wouldn’t everyone want apple trees?

See you down the road!

Jim and Debbie

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4 responses to “And when it gets even cooler,

  1. While we were toting the apples out of the orchard a neighbor came by and said, “You’ll be taking those into the the root cellar now.” Well, not exactly. Maybe next year we can have one of those?

  2. My wife and I are hoping to retire near Abingdon, VA. We now live in Greensboro, but in 2 years hope to retire and full time for a few years! Love that area and the mountains! Love your blog!

    • Bill,
      Abingdon’s a beautiful area. We enjoyed a really nice stay two weeks ago near Charlottesville. Nice people, nice area.

      I worked six years in Greensboro back in late 80’s. Loved it. Good tennis at Piedmont Indoor and at UNC-G courts back then. And closer to great Carolina barbecue at Lexington #1.

      Thanks for your kind comments. Let us know anytime if any question or we can help in some small way.

  3. Ahh, Carolina in the Fall. We are headed to Hickory the end of this week for a too brief visit. I am interested in contacting you about use of one of your photos ( of our church building. Please be in touch –

    Thanks. Wesley White, Interim Pastor

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