Who Carries With Them a 60 amp RV Adapter?

We arrived yesterday afternoon to the Fairgrounds in Centre Hall for a rally of Region 2 of the Airstream Club. Upon checking the power receptacle we found one we’d previously not seen. The receptacle has this blade pattern:

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 9.23.14 AM

for big honking 120 vac 60 amp plugs that seem to weigh five pounds and look like this:

NEMA 14-60 Plug

NEMA 14-60 Plug

There’s no way we can plug our trailer’s shore power cord into this thing. Eight years ago, on our first big full-timing adventure, we pulled to our assigned parking place. After leveling, unhitching, and getting out hoses and cords, we realized the site only provided electrical hookups for 50 amp plugs. Reconnect the truck and trailer, move to another site, try again.

The 50 amp receptacle we sometimes encounter in campgrounds looks like this:

50amp receptacle

50amp receptacle

Our trailer, and perhaps most small to medium RV trailers, are fitted with a shore power cord with a 30 amp plug to fit into these RV receptacles:

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 9.11.55 AM

Another time or three we failed to check utilities (and the length of our cords and hoses to reach these) BEFORE we unhitched the truck and trailer. We had to hitch up the truck and trailer and move to a spot where we could enjoy the utility connections for which we paid and upon which we still thought ourselves dependent. But, back to the point . . .

Yesterday we used our 12-3 20 amp-rated tool cord to connect the trailer to a regular 20 amp receptacle. Later, while walking the fairgrounds, we found a 50a – 60a adapter provided by the fairgrounds. This morning I plugged our 30 amp shore power cord into our 50 amp adapter into their 60 amp adapter into the NEMA 14-60 receptacle.

It’s really simpler than it sounds. I mention this only because I think it so odd we’ve traveled extensively these past ten years and only just now encountered our first 60amp receptacle in a camping spot. We bought a 30 to 50 amp adapter years ago and use it a few times a year. No, we aren’t going to buy a 50-60 adapter. Not yet, at least.

See you down the road!

Jim and Debbie

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P.S. Here are two sites with good visual references on plug and receptacle configurations:
PowerStream’s Reference Chart of NEMA AC Plugs and
StayOnline’s NEMA Straight Blade Reference Chart

One response to “Who Carries With Them a 60 amp RV Adapter?

  1. Two years later, we still haven’t encountered another 60amp power station with our camper. Not like we’ve tried, we’ve conveniently found 30a (our 1st choice), no utilities (almost always suitable for us), or 50a (wherein we’re using a 50-30 adapter). We were fortunate to have found the 60 to 50 adapter sitting out where we could temporarily use it. And we left it where we found it before departing. Sue enough, we haven’t needed it a second time. (Updated: Jul 10 2017)

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