I Don’t Want To Leave

Fortunately, at least for now, I can return to Woodland Ridge the same evening. We arrived Monday evening after an evening and morning of preparations for travel. From May through September we will be traveling a lot for The Airstream Club.

Tomorrow we have a gaggle of errands. We’ll visit our storage unit to lighten the truck and RV. We’ll do annual renewal for truck and trailer registrations. Drop off a few clothing and goods donations, say hello and “Ow!” To our dental hygienist, and we’re back up on the mountain a few more days. The past few days have been idyllic. Quiet, gorgeous weather, and watching springtime arrive on our hill. We’d like to stay unti everything blooms, but duty calls.

We enjoy and look forward to our Club activities. This Spring we’ll be in West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. We’re planning a stop in NC and GA on our way to Farmington NM for the WBCCI IR. Then, zoom east-northeast to join up with the Viking Trail, one of WBCCIs most venerated caravans.

This promises to be a lot of fun travel. Preparing is good too. Today Jim spent a few hours emptying and re-organizing the truck bed for our next season’s travels. Not sure our modest little 5X7 storage cubicle will hold all Jim plans to leave there, but we’ll try.

Even full-timers tend to accumulate stuff. Sort of an insidious human condition, like storing a little body fat as winter approaches. We find ourselves sifting through our RV and truck a few times a year to identify things we really don’t want to haul. Today we went through our closets, totes, and the truck bed.

Big change in the truck bed. This picture might not do it justice. The primary two effects are a reduction in the amount and weight of stuff in the bed, and a lowering of the height of goods in the truck bed.

See you down the road!

Jim and Debbie

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One response to “I Don’t Want To Leave

  1. Wow what an organized truck bed – great photo! You guys have an action packed Spring and Summer ahead of you – have fun. Maybe our paths will cross in Ohio. Safe travels.

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