Contemporary Small House – Airstream

You never know what’ll turn up under the next rock. Debbie and I are enjoying our eighth year of full time living in our 25′ Airstream trailer. We love living on the road, able to travel where and when we want.

A year ago we closed on a nice piece of land. Now we wonder how small a house we can afford to build. Browse the web with different key words for search terms, and you may find an endless array of hits. How many floorplans do we need for enough choice?

We keep looking. The iHouse isn’t offered anymore. Still, there are enough new options to keep us looking. Sometimes we find really stupid hits on the Internet. On the other hand, we get lucky too. Look what we found today when we searched “contemporary small homes”:

Pretty cool. We should get one, right?

Hanging out in Corpus Christi for the month


11 responses to “Contemporary Small House – Airstream

  1. Put your AS up on blocks, build a shed around it and voila! – you have a tiny house out of the weather!

    • Yep Bob, that’s what HOFarc designs look really nice for, if you could resist towing them. Us, we like taking ours different places. Too, we might anticipate at least doubling our current SF. At least . . .

  2. The crossed-out links don’t work, but nice pictures on the link at the bottom. (Hofmann Architecture’ site)

  3. How funny! We’re just up the road near Goose Island SP. Hope this weather won’t get to bad in the next few days. Let’s stay warm :-)

  4. I look forward to what you guys find. We are kindred spirits, but you are five years ahead of us. We vacationed in Banner Elk several times BAS (before Airstream). We are hosting at Mystic Springs this month. Maybe our paths might cross sometime this year. Enjoy Texas!

    • Hopefully we won’t find ourselves AAS for a long time. We committed to many years service to the Airstream owners association. Traveling and WBCCI friendships and activities are in DNA. No plans to stop Airstreaming.

      Back in 2009, I think, we first wrote about our thrill in finding the iHouse modular home. It kickstarted our enjoyment of lurking in web sites like HOUZZ. Even when we were homeowners we spent Saturday mornings drinking tea and poring over the weekly home plan in the morning paper. Still like doing it but no more Saturday morning paper. S’okay, lots of floorplans on the www.

      Dreaming is free, as long as we don’t do it in the middle of a crosswalk.

  5. A small manufactured home or park model for your Ashe County property with a full hookup pad for the Airstream next to it sounds like a plan to me. Since you are in high country (snow), a small barn or garage might be a welcome addition.

    • Richard, we’re considering building first a shed. It may eventually form the carport’ end. Meanwhile it’d provide wx-proof protection for tools and incidentals.

  6. Property care equipment takes space. The shed/carport idea sounds both good and necessary.

    • It’s also a good “starter” project. No permit required up to a 12’X12′ sans utilities. Something we can complete in a week or two. Implement our first design on our acreage. Unload the truck bed a little.


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