It’s 75 After All

Look what we found yesterday.  75 degrees!  Just right. And all from passive solar gain on a very beautiful sunny day in NC’s mountains. Kind of makes everything good again. We were ready for it.


Sunday rained all day. We both already felt terrible, fighting head colds (probably exacerbated by the Wx changes). We never stepped foot outside the camper, not once.  I thought of our readers whom I’ve told, “The camper is large enough because Debbie lets me know when I should find something to do outside. ”

We stayed in all day. And we got along famously.  Granted, we neither one felt well enough to start any horseplay. Still, plenty of room for each to do what they wanted.  We stayed dry, consumed pots of green tea, caught up on reading, planned work days, and rested.

We still find the 25′ camper plenty big enough for both of us, even when one of us can’t get outta here. Luckily, it’s a rare day we’re confined to indoors. It wasn’t 75 degrees outside, but felt good enough to stay outside all day yesterday.

Jim and Debbie
dreamstreamr odyssey™, Chasing 75 (again)
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5 responses to “It’s 75 After All

  1. Glad to hear that you are feeling better after consuming pots of green tea in close quarters! I am a long-time drinker of the green tea and recommend it. Lisa and I also live in 25′ and have so far never found that we feel cramped, even when confined due to weather or whatever. We will often be sitting/slouching in the “pillow pit” – what we call our folded out futon full of soft, cushy things, and look down the hall through the galley into the bedroom and say “this place is roomy”! Oh, here’s an idea we came up with to continue and dual-purpose everything we possibly can – we took our very high quality goose down sleeping bags and put them into king size pillow slips and use them in the pillow pit. When/if we want to use them for camping away from the trailer – there they are.
    In 150 ft sq, we have come a long way baby!

  2. Rain we wouldn’t mind. We are now stuck at Mohegan Sun Casino outside Wilkes-Barre with 4 to 8 inches of snow forecast (it’s been snowing since we got up). Ugh! No generator and our solar panel isn’t much good today – I think our Christmas present to each other will be a Yamaha or Honda generator. 1,000 or 2,000 watts; that will be the decision. 28 feet in an Airstream isn’t too bad and this really is a nice casino with good Wi-Fi. Lucky for us we have a good down duvet. That’s what happens when you leave in late November.

    All the best,

    • John,
      If you were closer we’d gladly lend you ours. Just more than nine years ago we bought a Yamaha 1000is. It has never let us down and handles our 60 amp Intellipower converter-charger perfectly. Much lighter weight than the 2,000, it also uses less gas and displaces less space in the truck bed. All good! Slight negative, not as many Yamaha generator service places as other brands. I’ve learned to work on the fuel/air side on my own, and do my oil changes. Nothing else needed. Great to have.

      Unless you want to also run microwave, I don’t see point in getting 2,000. Still couldn’t run roof air. And 1,000 runs battery charger and all our Apple stuff, and, if we want, the fridge too. But we run the fridge on gas even when gen is running. Just works so well on gas, and let’s gen run more economically.

      Good luck with wx, and picking that present!

  3. Maybe we’ll see each other in Florida; we are booked into Land Yacht Harbour in Melbourne on Dec. 15 for a month. I’m leaning towards a 1,000 watt generator for the reasons you mentioned. The main reason a 2,000 watt is considered is the prospect of buying a house eventually; the larger generator may be more useful as an emergency back-up for refrigerators/freezers, etc.


    • John, You’re right — I can’t run my Skilsaw 77 with my 1,000. I could, when we had a house, run the fridge/freezer. Thought about breaking out gas furnace controls and fan wiring so we could heat house too. Could alternate between one or other. Outages were infrequent, then we sold house.

      If we build house, considering low-voltage lighting service panel. Still might want slightly larger genset for house service, if outages indicate need, and keep 1000 for portable.


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