Great Point of the Day

Sunset has been my favorite time of day since decades ago. I remember the day I 1st realized it. Do you remember the big vinyl covered bean bag chairs? I had one in front of a west-facing window in my house in Fall 1975. Like todsy, the sky was colorful. While the sun was dipping below the horizon, everything just seemed alright for a few minutes.

Today we almost finished clearing the right-of-way for the trench for our u.g. electrical power primary cable. We’ve removed more than a dozen trees and a few mountain laurels. Eleven of the trees are oak, locust or maple, the other one was white pine. Cutting with only a bow saw is a great work-out, and moving all the trunks, tops and brush adds to the job.

Sunset from Woodland Ridge

We’re properly worn out from today’s adventure. The sunset was a perfect reward!

Jim and Debbie
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4 responses to “Great Point of the Day

  1. Spending much time in the Colorado mountains, I’ve come to appreciate sunrise. The rays of the sun touch to mountaintop first, casting a salmon-pink glow on the rocky (or snowy) tips of the mountains. I lasts a very short time, but I cherish the image of those rosy mountaintops viewed through our pine trees. I can relate to the beanbag chair positioned to appreciate every morsel of that beauty.

    • Julie, thanks for sharing your enjoyment of mountain sunrise. I don’t regularly practice climbing out of bed before sunrise. When I do, I feel like I’m the luckiest person on earth to watch developing the promise of this day.

  2. Jim and Deb,
    It sounds like you are getting a lot of good cardio workouts. I know you are looking forward to being on the grid again with the underground primary electrical supply. It will be good that no unsightly poles and strung lines spoil any views of sunsets and sunrises. I clicked on the map and enlarged it. It made me homesick, especially when I was able to go north on the Blue Ridge Parkway to Roe Hunt road. I hope we will be able to visit you someday.
    Richard Hunt

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