Chasing 45 Degrees

These are two of my best friends, these last few days. Warmest things I have

Know where we are? Know just how cold it is here? If you follow us then you may know we claim to “chase 75 degrees” and you might have clicked on our location icon (links to or to show Google map of N5RTG location).

Well heck, I was talking yesterday to Wag W9WAG, a friend who wishes he had already left Kenosha WI. His current outdoor temp was 8, well colder than our much more comfortable 28 and low of 18. Brr.

What are Debbie and Jim doing in these cold, for them, places? Why haven’t they already fled to warmer climes? We mentioned the wooded acreage we purchased earlier this year. If it was in a much warmer place, then we wouldn’t be running both the furnace and the catalytic just to keep the trailer interior at barely warm enough.

Ashe County is very heavily populated with Christmas trees, and not so much with people. The population swells in the summer, and so might be heading for a sudden drop after the past week’s chilling weather. We stayed through the recent snow. Made nice pictures, a snow person, but didn’t really get very cold.

Our friend Carolyn recommended we spend as much time as we can watching the seasonal changes on our land before we commit to building anything. I hope she remembers to tell us when we can leave. My pile-lined slippers and toque are warm but tend to fall off in bed.

8 responses to “Chasing 45 Degrees

  1. Carolyn Beardshear

    I accept the weight of responsibility. Not sure how long you need to sit on the property to really know it, but certainly through the 4 seasons. You’ve probably done enough winter now. Vamoose! Back in March or April, when snow allows. That’s what we are doing with the Colorado land. We camped up there one night and changed the plan for the driveway three times.

    • No problems with a little chill. We’ve endured much more and for longer, both backpacking and with this trailer. But what if we were in Buffalo with accumulated snow fall of nine feet? Our skylight could become primary egress/ingress for days and days!

      Met today with electrical co-op engineer. Monday will meet with electrician. Maybe for Christmas Santa will bring us commercial AC power? The only thing on our list. . .


  2. Don’t forget to leave the water dripping a bit! We learned this the hard (ice-hard) way last winter. Life long southern Californian forgot his wife’s suggestion one C-O-L-D night.

    • Did you leave a faucet dripping in the trailer? We have four, including the toilet flush/sprayer, the shower, the lav and kitchen. The only time we’ve left one dripping was by accident — some of our readers might remember when we dropped twenty gallons fresh water onto the floor? But we’ve never dripped a faucet for cold wx. We keep the furnace on low limit set point of 45 overnight and no other heat on those freeze nights. Worked so far.


  3. No photograph of the Airstream in the woods covered in snow? You must be saving it for the Christmas Card post. Keep warm and watch out for the condensation build up. (We have to replaced part of the flooring in our 2007 25′. Snow on the back bumper area is at the level of the floor and if there is a crack in the seal, it finds the floor inside.)

    • Nah, you saw the white stuff in last week’s photos. Skies are clear, days are coo, nights are cooler, and no snow in the forecast. Heck, snow would be an inconvenience for our planned Dec work. Imagine what nine feet of snow would do to any NC county?


  4. Stay warm. We enjoyed a nice long walk on the beach today in Galveston. Hopefully this nice weather will continue. RV’s and freezing temps are not a good marriage but before building a permanent structure it does make a lot of sense to see the land all year round.

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