75′ Tall Waterfall in Florida? Come On!

We are in perhaps the nicest small state park we’ve visited anywhere, Falling Waters State Park near Chipley FL. Not always a good thing, our site is broadside to the south so has nice sun exposure all day. Perfect when the high temperature range is 60 degrees.

Yesterday we left Ocean Springs and Davis Bayou Campground. Sad to leave, it was great visiting and dining with Jim’s cousins and exploring Biloxi and Ocean Springs. We’ve said it before — a few days is not long enough for most places. But we committed to getting down the road, so here we go again.

25 campsites, nice quiet place, away from I-10

25 campsites, nice quiet place, away from I-10

We have good internet here, so Jim took some time last night and today to update our website, dreamstreamr odyssey, chasing 75 degrees. Other than update a few dates a year ago, he hadn’t taken much time with the website’s many pages.

Today he added information about our Salem Vent, catalytic heater, tailgate assist, 2013 travel map, and many other small changes. You probably know the feeling, you just get in the groove and plow through. Great to catch so much of it up. Check it out!

Falling Waters has nice walking trails through the same kind of sandy pine forest Jim spent a lot of time in as a Boy Scout hiker and camper. Some of the trails are boardwalk, some are still on sandy road bed. We prefer the natural surface but realize the boardwalk will preserve the park’s features from human wear and tear.

Wish it was warm enough today

Wish it was warm enough today

The two-acre swimming pond is near the camping sites and a day-use parking area. Jim would have loved to take a dip, but the water is probably twenty degrees too cool and the air and breeze just don’t make swimming an appealing activity yet. We’ll wait a couple more months.

One of many lg sinkholes

One of many large sinkholes

The walking trail (this part definitely on boardwalk) carried us alongside a series of large sinkholes in the woods. We couldn’t see the bottom of most of them, and just imagined bottomless. Nature is pretty wild sometimes.

The waterfall is half above ground, half into sinkhole

The waterfall is half above ground, half into sinkhole

We wondered how flat old Florida was going to have a 75′ tall waterfall. They sure do! The waterfall is fed from the 2-acre pond and, with rainfall, apparently gets even more water. It’s different from any waterfall we’ve seen, half into the sinkhole and half above the ground.

Good flow just disappears underground

Good flow just disappears underground

This sinkhole we could see the bottom of, but couldn’t tell where the water goes. They should talk to Arizona, get some help recovering and selling this water.

Hike Picnic Nap

Hike – Picnic – Nap

We carried our picnic lunch for the hike and finished at a nice sun-bathed table. The sun was running away from us so we found a sunny spot on soft, dry ground and soaked up some warm rays after lunch.

The showers are hot and roomy. They have dry floor space in the shower compartment for undressing and dressing, something too often missing in campgrounds. The campsites are nicely arranged, not packed too close to each other. The longleaf and loblolly pines provide ample ground cover to keep the sand down when you’re walking. The campground is quiet, and very dark at night.

We really like it here. Falling Waters State Park is one of those gems we’ve accidentally driven by for years, hurrying down the road. We’re glad we stopped this time, and would gladly stay a few more days.

See you down the road!

Jim and Debbie
dreamstreamr odyssey™

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10 responses to “75′ Tall Waterfall in Florida? Come On!

  1. Looks like a nice park. Those sink holes in FL are scary. Those temps should warm the further south you head. We’ve decided we like to hang around an area from 2 weeks to a month. More than a month and that itch to move sets in. :-)

  2. Hi, thank you for checking us out. So you had been on the round for quite sometime now and I could tell you are enjoying it.
    About my map, if you are referring to the map with pushpins, I am just using Google map, the older version. The updated google map is a little too difficult to navigate.
    The map I used for our Canadian Maritimes was using this link
    If you refer to our map located on the sidebar, with each state we have visited, that is an actual map bought at Camping world. It is cool and we adhered it on our rig, and I take pictures every time we visited a state.
    Hope that answer your questions. Let me know if you any more questions and I ll be glad to help you.

  3. Thanks for reporting on Falling Waters S.P. We have found some very nice ones in Florida. If you haven’t checked out Ft. Clinch S. P. north of Jacksonville, it is our most recent. Two camping areas, one on the Ocean side and one on the river. You enter through a tunnel of live oaks with lots of hanging moss. We camped there in the way to N. C. and decided to return on our way back to Travelers Rest. We were in the same spot both visits, one trailer away from the boardwalk to the beach.

  4. I forgot to add that Ft. Clinch S. P. is on Amelia Island next to historic city of Fernandino Beach. A couple of our friends from MO loved it so much they moved there!

  5. I have to say I didn’t believe it so I had to read your post and see the photographic proof. We’ve heard it joked that six foot sand dunes are Florida’s mountain ranges. And I’ve never heard of Chipley or Falling Waters SP so had to look them up. We’ve done our best to see our favorite National Parks. How long do you think it would take to visit all the State Parks? LOL!

    • We have friends who did a 200 day tour of over 50 national parks, in an Airstream Interstate (sprinter van). Thats dedication! Jan and Rob, are you guys listening in? I probably butchered the stats on your trip. Straighten me out.

      All the State Parks? No way to bag them all, just so many and so little time. It would be a very cool “project” to start, though. Appeals more to me than bagging all the state capitol buildings. And we even like touring those!

      • Now you’ve get me thinking. I’ll have to count up “our” National Parks and get back to you. And for that matter the State Parks – that will take a bit more digging!

      • Several years ago we picked up a NPS pamphlet listing every National Parks attraction except Grasslands and Forests. As we visit them we add a tick mark. Fun to track, and a nearly lifetime supply for most anyone. The brochure is free at most National Parks visitor centers.


      • Thanks. I’ll grab one next time.

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