What’s dreamstreamrs’ Big News?


Each time one of our children calls and says, “We have BIG news!”, we’re thinking they’re going to tell us they are expecting. And, usually, their big news is “We got a new car”, or bicycle, or job and so on. Airstream friends recently told us they had exciting news — we were pretty sure they weren’t announcing having more children. Turned out they are excited because they are planning on becoming full timers. We’re excited for them, they started yesterday.

What did you think when we mentioned Big News two days ago on our blog? We spoofed two years ago about quitting full timing, and most of you saw right through that before you arrived at the punch line. So the big news now? Maybe a big house, much bigger than we had in Charlotte?

Thomas Hoatson Hse, Laurium MI

Thomas Hoatson Hse, Laurium MI

Some of the advantages we’ve enjoyed as full timers are inherent with not owning property other than the RV and truck, both depreciating assets. Our property taxes lower each year, as the value of the vehicles reduces. Too, we have no worries about properties we are absently in charge of — our property is with us, or rather we are in our only property.

Recently we visited Bob, an Airstream and ham radio friend in the NC mountains. While there, we noticed “for sale” signs on land parcels in his area. Bob drove us around a bit to show us the area, he helped us get oriented, and introduced us to some people who had ideas about places for sale. We started looking around.

We had a host of criteria for “our land”. The criteria changed as we learned about the area, the offerings, and our intentions. We are looking for a very pretty wooded parcel with road frontage and loads of quiet. No buildings, no development, just a nice large wooded lot. Maybe fantastic views?

Top of the World Highway, Chicken AK

Each time we return to NC we always feel “at home”. We love the beaches, the food, the Great Smokey Mountains. We like being close to family. Full timing appeals to us now as much as it did when we started over six years ago. A value of full timing, we’ve always thought, is to search the world over for the best place to live. The NC mountains tick all the boxes for us.

Can this be mine?

Almost four years ago we posted about picking the perfect house, but not knowing where to put it. Often we will post our thoughts about looking at house designs, something we’ve always done. We enjoy perusing home floor plans, picking them apart for what we would, and would not, want in “our house”. We aren’t looking to build yet, it simply seems like a good time to pick a nice place for our future.

We’re looking. It’s a fun thing to do, we’ve enjoyed tromping on some of the offerings and might try to make a deal when we find the right acreage.

See you down the road!

Jim and Debbie
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4 responses to “What’s dreamstreamrs’ Big News?

  1. So, you are considering property in our home state, NC. Congratulations! That ‘feeling at home’ always occurs when I get back there. Especially in the mountains. I had speculated that you and Debbie had gone bigger by buying a new 30′ or 34′ for all the accessories you might need as a WBCCI officer. Keep the posts coming on your progress.

    • Yeah, a friend told us years ago we would need a 34′ trailer so we could have meetings in our trailer. Haven’t needed it so far. Beware any enterprise requiring new trailers, eh?

  2. We’re always looking at raw land. As a former homebuilder, my mind is always busy with possibilities. Hubby likes the idea of acreage and a pole barn….just pull the rig in the barn and we’re home, get bored drive off until we’re ready to return. We’re still keeping our eyes out for the land :-)

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