Slowing Down On Ocracoke Island

Our site in Frisco Campground on Hatteras Island was magnificent but we can’t resist heading south, across the water, to Ocracoke Island. We’ve neither one visited before and are excited about it. The free ferry (thanks, NC taxpayers) runs often between Hatteras Island and Ocracoke Island. We drive ten minutes from the campground and are told by the NC Ferries guys, “They are loading now, go ahead.”


The ferry has only two RVs and eight cars, not quite a full load on the deck, and piles of available seats for pedestrians upstairs. Our Airstream attracts a nice fellow visiting from Israel. He tells us he knows about Airstream history and how many Airstreams are still on the road. “My good friend buys an Airstream and pays an equal amount to ship it from America to Israel”, he tells us. He wants one too.


This is a short twenty-minute ferry ride and the water is calm. We are welcomed to Ocracoke by this simple sign near the ferry docks, and we tow the short distance down route 12 to the Ocracoke campground operated by National Park Service. This is the only one of four NPS campgrounds allowing advance reservations on the Outer Banks. We don’t need them though.

We have our pick of sites. Our site has good east-west orientation so the sun will rise at the front of the trailer and track across the road side of the trailer and set at the front. The NPS campgrounds sites on Outer Banks have no water, electricity, or sewer connections. Our section (D) in the Ocracoke CG also has voluntary restrictions on generator use.

We’re at the CG early so enjoy a walk to, and time on, the beach. The water temperature is really inviting. Jim dives in and body surfs a little, but has to be careful not to be run aground by the very rough surf. If you’ve ever done it, you’ll always remember the skinning and salt-water sting on your freshly abraded chest.

How Our APRS Locator Looks

How Our APRS Locator Looks

The next day we drive to Ocracoke light house. This is a treat to see, although we cannot walk up or tour the keeper’s house. The light house is not open to viewing, and people live in the keeper’s house. Still, it is great to see this important and very old light house. This is the second oldest light station in the United States!


We enjoy a day of walking all about Ocracoke Village and spend an hour poring through the Ocracoke Preservation Society’s very nice Williams’ House. This provides us a nice feel about the village history and, through talking with the docent, we also learn about current culture of the full-time residents of the village.


Our schedule is loose. We’re not needed anywhere, no appointments until next week. So we take a zero day at the Ocracoke CG’s beach. We like it here. The sun is warm, the breeze is cool, the water is perfect for swimming. We still have a little gin, lots of ice, and several citrus juices left. Why hurry?

See you down the road!
Jim and Debbie

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10 responses to “Slowing Down On Ocracoke Island

  1. sounds wonderful. we used to live in NC when we were stationed at camp lejeune but never made it to the island. now that we are rv’ing, we need to make it a point to go and enjoy. have fun!

    • Yes, we came right by the MCAS in Havelock on our way back. So close to Beaufort. You could get the $45 ferry from Cedar Island to Ocracoke and do the whole thing in reverse.


  2. We are still living vicariously (?sp) through you. Until next week when we take our AS south to Edisto and Hunting Is. Seeing you in NC may change our travel plans.
    This is our first real trip with nowhere to be until mid January.
    Wish us luck, have fun. Thank you for the blog.
    What happened to APRS? Look for w1icu-9 .

  3. I have added one more picture, in the middle of the post, to display our APRS location and route for the time on Ocracoke Island. Kinda neat to see, eh?


  4. Reader #9 here, was this your last post?

    • Uh, yeah. Unsure whether life has been too interesting or simple. So much to write, I’ve about decided to skip ahead instead of making myself catch up on everything since Ocracoke Island.

      Highlights include several days touring Beaufort (“bow fert”), sampling best NC BBQ on the way back, enjoying three fun rallies, turning a full-timing couple (will their family ever forgive us?), and a flurry of trips to the NC mountains (we’ll get back to this development).

      The answer then is, “sort of”. Still writing, but not posted anything. Pretty slack. Too, Wanted to see how long before readers 9 or 11 said anything. That took a looong time! On the other hand, our blog is picking up new followers every week, more than when I was posting 3x/weekly.

      Thanks for the nudge. I’ll post sooner now.

  5. Reader #9 here, Happy New Year!!!! It’s freezing in Florida right now.

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