Frugal Coffee, Anyone?

We had a couple cups of K coffee yesterday.  Really good coffee, we thought. Not our first time to enjoy this type of coffee brewing, but it got us to thinking about value. Is it good?  Is it worth it? Should these full timers pick up a Keurig coffee maker for their tiny house (and stock a few dozen little one-use thingies to fuel the maker?)

picture of k-cup coffee makers

Which k-cup coffee maker matches you?

A little searching this morning supported what we suspected — and Mr Money Saver nails it in his thorough grind test here.  Check it out.

Let’s share a cup of joe down the road!

Jim and Debbie

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5 responses to “Frugal Coffee, Anyone?

  1. Richard Hunt

    Thanks for the review of the Keurig. We purchased one on sale and count it as one of our best purchases ever. The first cup out of a drip coffee maker or french press is terrific, but after it sits a bit, becomes ordinary. Making a full pot often leads to waste. Julie usually gets up before I do and made coffee and by the time I joined here the coffee turned mediocre. The Keurig provides fresh brewed in the amount you want at the time you want it. Most of the time, after one use of the K-cup, I turn it and get a bonus short cup (not quite as strong, but very drinkable.) I agree with the report on using the reusable K-cup filters. The convenience of disposable K-cups greatly trumps the frugality of them. Stop by for a cup when you get here.

    • Rich, Isn’t this convenience essentially why our country filled too many landfills already? Six cups of press or Bialetti coffee creates compostable grounds and for drip coffee only add a thin compostable paper filter. K-cups? Plastic waste for every cup of coffee or tea.

      The right choice depends upon your criteria, eh? Six K-cups create a half cup of plastic and foil waste, and are more convenient, and more expensive. AND perhaps significantly, some say it’s the best coffee one can brew at home. Linda and Jesse, are you tuned in to this discussion? Let’s hear what you say about home brew and café con leche, okay?

      Good friend Janine turned us on to Starbucks VIA. Amazing flavor and convenience in a cup of instant, very conveniently packed in a thin foil cellophane sleeve for each cup of coffee. It kinda turned on its head our ideas about instant coffee. But the grocery stores sell it for $10 for twelve servings, the very same price as k-cups coffee from Starbucks. The grocery stores now stock Nescafe Classico instant at around $20 for ninety-six (96) servings, or $2.00 for ten servings.

      We’re not “bean heads”. Green tea is our first and most frequent choice of beverages after water. But we like to make a cup of coffee some afternoons. We appreciate convenience but eschew high packaging or infrugal options if we can.

      Thanks for your comment and yes, we’d love to stop by your new home for a cup with you.

  2. We love our coffee in the morning. We love our Keurig. We have one of the bigger ones. It makes great coffee, water for tea, or hot chocolate. When we are on the road I even use it to make a cup of hot water for dishes and then rinse with cold water. If you do decide to get one I would recommend the small one that you have to add water each time. Not cost effective but excellent coffee on of our small indulgences

  3. Richard Hunt

    Jim, yes, the environment is important. We don’t need little every lasting plastic cups added to it. But I forgot to tell you, we have bought some K-cup compatible brews that come in all paper environmental friendly form. It is like a card stock top with a paper filter sack for the grounds. The only inconvenience is going directly from Keurig to trash instead of sitting them on the kitchen counter. We are still unpacking but ready to share that cup of brew.

  4. Several of you asked, are the dreamstreamrs going Keurig? The best coffee we’ve enjoyed, bar none, in the past year, is with Jesse and Linda in the Keys. Jesse and Linda use Café Bustelo and brew up a couple of pots of expresso in their Bialetti pots, add a spoon of sugar and a cup of steaming hot milk to make a delicious cup of café con leche.

    We might switch to disposable coffee capsules about the same time we switch to disposable water bottles from re-usable drinking water bottles. Never say never, but . . .

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