Forbes Magazine Covers Airstream Trivia

Want to read a cool little article about Airstream trailers’ trivia?  ImageThe author may have missed on a few points but it is nice to see national media coverage for the brand.  See Seth Porges’ article in here, 6 Things You Didn’t Know About Airstream Trailers.

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2 responses to “Forbes Magazine Covers Airstream Trivia

  1. He didn’t get the weight thing correct — Airstreams nowadays weigh just average compared to other RVs. Nice to see this article though.

  2. Richard Hunt

    The Forbes article was just OK. What interested me were the comments inspired by the article. There are many misconceptions and myths about Airstream trailers expressed, some pontifically. I was unaware that people in them baked like potatoes wrapped in foil and that FEMA bought 110,000 of them, which became unusable because of the chemicals used in their manufacture. Many responses got it right in saying Airstreams are expensive, hold their value, that they are exclusively made is the USA, and that they last a long time. Some simply echoed a former lamentation of mine, “I wish I could own one.”

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