Happy Memorial Day?

Photo from Reuters News Photos of the Week May 24 2013

Photo from Reuters News Photos of the Week May 24 2013

The photo showed up on Reuters News page here.

Did you know Memorial Day formerly was called Decoration Day and dates to the American Civil War? Memorial Day is first and foremost a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation’s service. It seems a day of remembrance is largely NOT included in many Americans’ Memorial Day weekend plan.

Memorial Day has been, since 1971, a three-day weekend for USA and might be perceived by many Americans more as the beginning of summer and time for big sales of lawn mowers and furniture, of cookouts, and visits to the lake. These are fine activities, but perhaps the meaning of Memorial Day is diluted a bit by these competing distractions?

These are some nice sites where you can find more information about Memorial Day:
Army Corps of Engineers: Memorial Day History Vignette
History Channel: a nicely rounded history of Memorial Day
Public Broadcasting System: Memorial Day Concert Series and Memorial Day information

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One response to “Happy Memorial Day?

  1. I remember this day as a child being called Decoration Day and we would take flowers to the Cemetery,

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