Travel Minute — Should You Clean Up a Public Restroom?

We were inspired by Rudy Maxa to do something nice today while we were visiting Sidney Ohio walking downtown. The inspiration came from his blog last October. We and our friend Matt picked up a handful of discarded cups and sandwich wrappers from the historic jail lawn and discarded the trash into a receptacle all of fifty feet away.

Screen Shot 2013-05-26 at 3.46.50 PM

Rudy Maxa writes a really nice blog with interesting and, sometimes, pretty unusual topics. His Travel Minute blog a few months ago is one of our many favorites and we thought you would like it too. Check it out here.

Thank Rudy for being a good influence on us.

Saving a neat post for you for Memorial Day tomorrow —

See you then!

Jim and Debbie

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2 responses to “Travel Minute — Should You Clean Up a Public Restroom?

  1. I thought it was just my scrubby Dutch heritage that caused me to wipe up the wet counter tops and pick up the trash!! Seems like its a kindness to others. So I’ll continue

    • Julie,

      It absolutely is a kindness to others and involves almost no cost to ourselves or anyone. I think of it like paying it forward — and as I mention in the story, it isn’t only about public restrooms by any means. Was it my Boy Scouts training about leaving it cleaner than we found it or was it from our backpacking ethic, “leave no trace”?

      Yeah but that and more — it just feels good to leave the counter nicer than when we used it, or to pick up a can or pop bottle or piece of paper litter and find a trash can for it.

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