Homecoming for Our Rolling Home

picture of airstream service center

THE Airstream Service Ctr

We are in Jackson Center Ohio, home of all modern Airstreams and our favorite place for service work. Our Airstream trailer was born here almost nine years ago. Bringing it back is a fun event for us, if sometimes expensive at $109/hour for service work.

All that's left of the side window

We long ago planned for this service visit. The timing is great, just after Hamvention Jim is willing and able to do almost all our RV’s maintenance work. Some things, though, are either more daunting or just plain messy. We replaced our rooftop antenna recently and figured the factory guys would be better fishing the coax above the ceiling into the front roof locker. Jim has cleaned and repacked our wheel bearings and decided this is a job worth paying for.

Having broken one of the expensive tempered windows, Jim is reluctant to mess with hinge adjustments.

Our rolling home has been here previously. The Airstream Service Center has done some great work on our RV. Full-timers need a good place to have work performed. One could go anywhere on the continent for this, especially as full-timers. Although 500 miles distant from our former home in Charlotte NC, many of our local unit members preferred to bring their Airstreams to the factory for excellent repairs and ready access to all needed parts and materials. We brought ours here for warranty work and were similarly impressed. We’ve returned a couple of times.

We’re parked in Airstream Company’s terraport, a nice camping area 150 yards from the customer service center. You can hardly beat the price, $10/night or free the night before and after your service appointment. Where else can we find water/electric/sewer connections for $10?

The customer waiting area is very comfortable, if chilly from over-cooling. Great wifi (can you tell? Jim’s using it now), free cookies and coffee, and comfortable seating. Best benefit? The company store has all the parts and accessories we need and many we don’t need but enjoy browsing through. It helps keep our minds off the rising labor cost of our repairs and improvements in the service center.

Verizon seems nearly non-existent in Jackson Center OH. Verizon provides all our phone AND wireless stuff, which usually works just great. Not here. We’ve been fortunate to use courtesy wifi at Airstream’s customer service center, but it only serves 25 users.

Within a couple of days we expect another one or two hundred RVs to Jackson Center OH for Alumapalooza, a big fun RV rally held on the Airstream factory and service center grounds. There may not be enough wifi to go around a few days from now. We’ll post again when we find connectivity. Or maybe we can use the phone in the dishwashing kitchen while we’re working down our repair bill.

See you down the road!

Jim and Debbie

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13 responses to “Homecoming for Our Rolling Home

  1. Chuck Nesbit

    We had a good service experience at Jackson Center last year. I envy you being at Alumapalooza. Susan and I have been wanting to go there for 3 years. Maybe next year it will fit into our calendar. I look forward to hearing your review of the event.

    • Very nice to be in Ohio — We arrived over a week ago and have enjoyed wonderful (if sometimes wet) wx so far. Cooler this morning at 50 degrees with partly cloudy skies and high forecast temp of mid-60s. Ohio is a beautiful state, so green.

      The Airstream factory terraport is a fine place to visit — a high point for us is walking to the customer service center and store. Fun to hang out with all these nice RVers and tech people.

  2. Great event and excellent service. We were there for Alumapalooza and service last year on our way to Alaska. Say hi to Tim and Alice for me. They are members of my unit and do the water and electrical work for Alumapalooza.

    • Hi Randy,
      We’ll look up Tim and Alice and relay your howdy to them. A few early workers have shown up, nothing going on yet. Just Brett and Lisa, Nick and a few others seem to be on site so far. Gosh, how will the band get their required practice together before the rally? Is the WBCCI band the only one that needs a A MONTH of practice? Never mind . . . We’ll find Tim and Alice, thanks for telling us.

      • Good one! The WBCCI International crew could learn a lot from Alumaevents as you will see in the coming days. Have fun and enjoy the rally.

  3. Richard Hunt

    The advantage of Alumapalooza over our forthcoming Alumaflamingo is that the factory and service is there. We had BT Thomas work on our rig recently and their rate is $125/hour. Have run at the palooza!

    • Rich,
      Agree on how nice to have factory, service, and customer waiting area here. Yet AlumaFlamingo is a really great venue — can’t do a lot better than Sarasota in mid-February, eh?

  4. Brett announced that Airstream Service will be at Alumaflamingo in February 1014.

    • The dreamstreamrs will be at Alumaflamingo in February next year.

      Thanks for sharing about Airstream Service attending — we’ve enjoyed having their work, as well as service by Fantastic Fan and by Dexter Axle & Brakes, available at the former Florida State Rallies. Good opportunity for these companies to support a large group of RVers.

  5. Hi Jim and Debbie, We’re at the Winnebago Service Center in Forest City Iowa where camping is free and labor $100 an hour. Just coffee here, no donuts. Herb Maas

    • Aw, we don’t need donuts anyway. The coffee is a nice gesture, one we always appreciate. Our customer service center had tasty cookies two of the three days we spent hanging around. Nice to have, even if they aren’t good for us.

      We hope your service work goes great at the W svc ctr. Did you already get your jacks re-done? How’d that go?

      • Herb Maas

        HWH checked over the jack system no charge and all fine. We finished up in the Winnebago shop Friday with new spark plugs (wires good), serpentine belt, engine oil change, new slide awnings, adjustment on generator rpm, and a cracked w/s replaced. Good to hear you on 7.163 this morning.

      • All sounds really good on your HWH jacks and Winnebago shop work. Congratulations.

        We may be moving tomorrow morning, if not I’ll try to be on frequency again.

        See you then,


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