One Reason Not to Go Full-Time

We visited my son in his new house a few days ago. Looking around, I didn’t see the vintage potted plants he had gotten from our house almost six years ago. I asked him where the elephant foot palm was and he replied, “Oh, it died a couple of years ago. I didn’t know it was an indoor plant and left it on the patio. It got snowed on.”

picture of Elephant's Foot Palm

Elephant’s Foot Palm

The elephant’s foot palm was over thirty years old when I gave it to him. I didn’t remind him that he had lived with this particular plant in the house for his entire life at home. It never spent an hour out-of-doors. Should I have given my son care and feeding instructions with the plant?

No, we had decided to give our things without strings attached. Although it really made me sad this bit of family history is no longer alive, I have to let it go too.

Jim and Debbie
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4 responses to “One Reason Not to Go Full-Time

  1. Jim and Deb,
    Rich’s statement concerning our coming move also applies to your vintage plant.”I am still looking thru the windshield, not the rear view mirror.”

  2. Sorry about the plant. Our kids did not want things my wife thought they would value and jump at the chance to have. Made her sad.

    • We had two attics, one over the garage (640 sf) and one over the house (1500 sf), both pretty full. Lots of goodies to help our children start their housekeeping. Like yours, our children mostly declined our “stuff”. They had their own by then, or didn’t prize ours anyway. Another good reason not to put your stuff into storage — you might not need it and no one else wants it. Pay more to store than to replace.

      Still, we keep 35 sf X 8′ tall storage unit. Visited it two days ago looking for a particular coffee mug for us (didn’t find it), for a manuscript for Atlanta daughter (surprisingly found) and parts for a bunk bed for daughter in Vancouver BC. First time in six years we’ve failed to locate a sought item in the storage unit. We have pretty good inventory of what’s in each of 54 boxes and where the boxes are in the storage unit.

      Tried again to identify what we want to shed. Maybe we did a great job six years ago getting rid of junk and keeping just this stuff? Sometimes we swap things from the trailer to the storage unit and vice versa, like this golf shirt for that one or this book or that. We still can’t find anything we want to eliminate. Just in case we move into a house in the next 50 years. . .

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