What about China or Kazakhastan?

picture of bar graph

dreamstreamr daily stats

We just passed the 100,000 visits mark on our blog.  This is sort of a no big deal thing compared to certain other blogs which have as many readers in a week or three.  Take Lesley Carter’s fantastic blog, Bucket List, for example. If each of Lesley’s readers who follow her blog only click on her blog two times, she will have more site visits in one or two days than we have in a couple of years on our Chasing 75 blog. She works for it, deserves all the attention and more. If you haven’t, you should visit her blog now. Wow! What great pictures and adventures, right?

picture of map of Jersey

Jersey, a quiet gem

We’ve had visits from readers in over 75 countries just in the past quarter.  Do you know Jersey, the European country?  We didn’t, but now have found it and learned a bit about Jersey.  Very interesting, and an example of our geography lessons from our wordpress blog.  You see, we apparently had two visitors from Jersey last quarter. Ham radio has greatly improved Jim’s world geography as he looks up the country locations for overseas hams he contacts.

South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Israel, Russia, Japan, Brazil, nearly all the European countries (but not Jersey, not yet), he has pretty good reach with his small ham radio setup, and it’s fun to see the countries’ locations on the map.

Picture of Asian countries

None in China?

Oh yeah, back to the blog and stats. You see, this is one of our problems. Ham radio, ukuleles, reading, projects, traveling — so much to do and so little time. We enjoy writing our blogs and reading those of others wherever they are.

Our blog is still gaining ground, slowly and steadily. Our monthly visits continue to rise (although none as high as last August during our spectacularly scenic Alaska trip). It’s fun to see the results, and to increase our circle of blogs we read as we exchange thoughts with other writers. We like seeing where our readers are from and, sometimes, we wonder if there might just be a couple in Kazakhastan or China too? Or are we as unlikely to find a reader there as we are a ham radio contact in those two countries? We can hope . . .

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