Tweaking our Trailer — Organizing Again

Challenges of full-timing include getting rid of clutter and keeping things organized. Two weeks ago in Atlanta Debbie and I presented our seminar on “Organizing Your RV, Smart Storage”©. We learned from the RVers who attended and contributed comments. One of the attendees mentioned adding a drawer under the dinette table. It puts at your fingertips things that you might use at the table.

picture of new drawer

add-a-drawer already serving

Last week we stopped at a nearby Camping World to pick up an ordered part. Of course, we browsed the store to see if we “needed” anything. We stumbled upon this drawer and it looked just right for us. We decided to mount it facing toward the kitchen end of the table instead of toward the benches.

picture of hidden drawer

the drawer hides under the dinette table

The drawer closes snugly underneath the table, out of sight. It is not deep, so is not in our way as we slide in or out of the bench. Now we’re working out how to ensure it doesn’t open and crash to the floor on driving days.

Yesterday Debbie solved another issue for us. We’ve been using a 1/2 gallon zip-loc bag to hold our clothespins and short clothesline. Often we find ourselves line-drying some or all of our wash. The zip-loc bag was fine for storing the pins but wasn’t adequate for dispensing or collecting them. But we had no way to hang the clothes pin bag and the plastic bags get to looking awful.

picture of new clothes pin bag

Deb’s new clothes pin bag

Debbie designed and sewed this nifty two-pocket bag. It has a pocket for pins and a pocket for two pieces of nylon cord. The velcro flap allows hanging over the clothesline open for dispensing, or securing the flap closed for storage in our outdoor storage compartment. Handy!

picture of front roof locker

front roof locker slimming down

Another spin-off from our great seminar is our successful effort organizing the front roof locker and book well today. We removed excess books, notebooks, and music CDs to our storage unit. These comprised two small grocery bags full, and a lot of weight. The book well looks far better.

When Jim installed the control plate for the new antenna amplifier switch, he had to move a bunch of stuff out of the way to work in the front roof locker. Similar to a dresser top or a desk drawer, lots of small things landed up there. Would you believe six eyeglasses cases? Three pocket flashlights, a few small tools, several pens and pencils, some stereo cables, several harmonicas, and a pair of binoculars were obstructing his access.

Today Jim relocated a few of these things. Some are in the new under-table drawer, some in the truck, some to donate, and two small cases are now in the book well. The front roof locker now only has the television and two small storage totes. It is far neater.

Next we’ll tackle the rear roof locker — stuff seems to float around up there. Not much there, but scattered across the width. Maybe we’ll find a few things to dump and can just neaten up the remainder.

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6 responses to “Tweaking our Trailer — Organizing Again

  1. Some ideas I use in our 25 ft Safari.In the space above my closet I have a small plastic 3 drawer chest we call the junk holds batteries ,scotch tape,cards pencils ,extra medicine,note cards etc. there is still room alongside for medical files phone books etc.I also have one in the cupboard over the table ,which holds CDs maps ,book light stapler paper clips etc. We both have Kindles so no more books to take up space. I to solve the clothes drying problem I have a cord with clothespins attached and I hook it to those clothes hooks in the back seat of the Yukon from side to side and let the sunny heated car dry those things that don’t go in the dryer!!

    • Julie Good ideas. We are migrating toward the drawers solution, one area at a time. We’ve dried a couple of things in the truck, but not as cleverly as you. Thx for sharing these great ideas.

  2. I am a minimalist and my small town southern wife is a “something on every horizontal surface & poke & cram” girl. Your blog and others get her to think.

    • How does that work in your Airstream trailer? Do your minimalism and her horizontal satisfaction balance? How long have you two lived in it, and where is it?

      And I like your stories and how you link to someone else’s post on “your day off”. Cool idea.

  3. We bought our International 27’FB last October and moved it to Monte Sano State Park. We are absolute 100% totally ignorant newbies. So we have been practising while moving out of the house. We are full timers since February. Trying to sell the house ourselves. I want to go to golf tournaments part of the year, and see the country the rest. It was so difficult for my wife to move out of the house, I am being patient with the whole minimalist thing.

    I bet we are too heavy.

    Followed your blog for long time based on the recomendation of Sean at Long Long Honeymoon.

    • Nah, you can’t be newbies anymore. You have three months under your belt already. Just think of the stories you can start sharing on your blog about discoveries in and about your new home. So great!

      Sure, we know Sean and Kristy — had followed them awhile then met them in Palmer AK last August. Great couple, great adventure.

      We’re glad to have you along. Pls let us know if anything we can help with anytime. We have lots of stories of things gone right (and wrong), and try to learn and share when we can.


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