Listen to dreamstreamrs on Rudy Maxa’s World® radio show

We had fun talking a few days ago with Rudy Maxa, our favorite travel host on radio. Rudy Maxa’s World is a great program all about travel. We learn tips about airline travel internationally and continental, about cruises, cellphones and quirky travel issues too from Rudy’s radio show. We are frequently on the radio. We listen to programs, and we listen and talk a little on amateur radio. This is the first time we’ve talked on nationally syndicated radio and, we’re pretty sure, the first time Rudy Maxa has interviewed full-timers like us.

Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 2.11.15 PMRudy Maxa is well known as public radio’s “Savvy Traveler” and an award-winning contributing editor with National Geographic Traveler magazine. He is a contributing editor to Delta Air Lines’ SKY magazine and Artful Living, the Twin Cities’ lifestyle magazine. The voice of National Geographic Traveler’s “Walks of a Lifetime” podcasts, he also hosts America’s most widely-syndicated, weekend travel radio show, also called “Rudy Maxa’s World,” that airs on 110+ mostly news/talk stations and XM Radio in North America.

His blog has Travel Minutes, a great bunch of short topics about travel. Recent topics include vacation packages, vacations for your pet, and the future of guidebooks. Also fun and informative are Rudy’s Picks. We’ve enjoyed browsing through them.

You can find our interview with The Savvy Traveler here in the second hour podcast — we are on at 12:33, midpoint in the second hour.
Rudy Maxa talked with us about our full-timing life in the Airstream. We found him an engaging host, and our six minute interview seemed to take just a minute. Thanks Rudy, we love your show!

Jim and Debbie
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11 responses to “Listen to dreamstreamrs on Rudy Maxa’s World® radio show

  1. It’s a great show.You did very well representing the Airstream lifestyle. Wow Debbie you did most of the talking!! You go girl:):):)

    • You got it, Julie — I’m the one with the darling accent! Besides, there just wasn’t enough time to tell Jim what he should say for each question, so I might as well hold onto the microphone myself. And how about when Rudy said, maybe Jim shouldn’t answer the question about too much closeness in the trailer? Jim couldn’t take the hint, right? Forged onward. Notice that from that point I made sure it really was all about ME! Just kidding.

      We had no idea what Mr Maxa was going to ask us, just thought it would be about airstreaming around. We had a lot of fun doing this.

  2. Richard Hunt

    You done us proud, y’all!

  3. Way to Go , Debbie! Enjoyed it! WOW “Celebrites”-Can’t believe Jim didn’t say much!!!!

    • Lois,
      I didn’t get a chance to say much. First, we only had six minutes. And B, Debbie had such great answers for all the questions. And as she said, she’s the one with the darling accent, right?


  4. Way to go Debbie and Jim — We’re proud of you

  5. Reader #9 here, great interview!

    • Hi Cal! You were not only #9 but also the highest number. Two more have subscribed. Now you’re “inner circle”, the original nine. We’ll be letting you know your responsibilities soon.

  6. Dick and Judy

    It was enjoyable. Thanks for sharing.

    Dick and Judy

  7. Dave and Sheila

    Great interview, nice to hear your voices. See you back at Towerpoint. Dave and Sheila

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