You ARE Allowed to Mod Your Trailer

Over five years living full-time year-round in our RV, we knew pantry shelves were not created equally. Our pantry shelves seemed really inadequate. It was a tough reach to the back of the shelves.

A favorite visit of ours is IKEA stores. We have toured these great mega stores in Atlanta, Baltimore, Tempe AZ, and Vancouver B.C. Their complete small model apartments appeal to us — these are cozy just like our 188sf rolling house. We also enjoy poring over the model kitchens at IKEA. They set these up with neat features including great gas ranges, styling range hoods, and slick-looking casework.

picture of IKEA pantry shelves

IKEA pantry extension

The drawers and pantry pull-out sections in the IKEA model kitchens have great actions — smooth slides and automatic closing when you push them back. The best feature of these slides is their full extension! Five years we have envied folks who could have full-extension slides on their pantries at home. We can’t explain why we didn’t sooner get around to making the change on our own pantry.

picture of pantry with short slides

won’t pull out far enough

Our Airstream’s pantry was inexplicably built with 1/2 extension slides. When Debbie wanted to reach something from the back of the pantry racks, she would move the obstructing things off the shelf. A workable solution, but this was far from ideal.

Picture of pantry extended

The pantry extends fully now!

A few weeks ago Jim decided to see how to convert our pantry to full extension slides. After taking measurements and figuring out how the racks attach to the slide, Jim said, “Do you want to go to Lowes and look for drawer slides with me?” We bought the right length full-extension slides for our pantry racks for only $15/pair, including new screws.

Jim replaced the old slides in a half-hour and we shook our heads wondering, “Why did we wait five years to do this?” Worth the wait, the pantry pulls ALL the way out. This is a great and inexpensive improvement.

Jim and Debbie
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5 responses to “You ARE Allowed to Mod Your Trailer

  1. Well done. What a team!! Another five years and you’ll have it just the way you want it. :)

    • I know, Rob. As much as we enjoy modding the rig, it’s a series we’ll never consider finished. We’ve talked with insurance companies about valuation and coverage. How can we replace what we’ve done? Best answer is, we’ll know at the outset what we want to do and it won’t take so long.

  2. Great idea. I am always frustrated by the unused space in the back as our racks aren’t the full length of the pantry. Can you expand a little more on what you did?

    • Okay Julie — you know what? I should have been more detailed. See today’s post. I fill in the rest of the story. Thank you SO much for asking — I love telling it and am glad you are interested.

  3. Richard Hunt

    Thanks a lot! I smell a “honey do” in the air.

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