dreamstreamrs back in NC

The Escapees Club campground in Bushnell was a nice stay. We walked some, visited a nice nearby battlefield from the 1830s, wrote a blog, and did some maintenance on the trailer.

30a circuit breaker attached to lower battery box

30a circuit breaker attached to lower battery box

Jim removed the trailer’s upper bank of batteries to install 30 amp circuit breaker protection on a dedicated circuit to the hitch jack. But when he got into the lower battery box where the connection is made, he found he had already installed the circuit breaker. It’s better than forgetting to install this safety device, right?

Lug for #4 wire

Lug for #4 wire

While he was in there he found the second loose connection on our trailer batteries’ primary wires. There are six #4 wires connecting the batteries to each other and to the trailer’s electrical system. Each wire has two ends capped with 5/16″ X #4 copper lugs, crimped on for us by Interstate Battery. The past two times Jim has done maintenance involving the batteries, another of the crimped copper lugs has pulled loose.

Jim drove to the Ace Hardware store in Bushnell to buy new copper lugs. He couldn’t find enough to do the ten remaining ones, so repaired only this one loose one. He soldered it using a small butane torch. We’ll find nine more lugs down the road and replace them all with soldered ones.

entrance to Dade Battlefield Historic SP

entrance to Dade Battlefield Historic SP

Dade Battlefield Historic State Park was interesting. We had read about the three Seminole Wars, (1817 1st Seminole War; 1835 2nd Seminole War; 1855 3rd Seminole War), when we traveled the Tamiami Trail across the Everglades earlier this winter. This small state park in Bushnell is a fun short history lesson on the beginning of the second Seminole War — the devastating ambush of Major Dade’s combined Army troops by Seminoles.

High Falls SP

High Falls SP

We drove from Bushnell FL 361 miles to High Falls State Park GA, straight up I-75. It was a super easy trip although the longest we’d had in several months. High Falls is a gorgeous state park just far enough off the highway for peace and quiet. We were parked amongst at least a half-dozen other Airstreamers also on their way to Stone Mountain Park family campground for the club’s Region 3 rally.

Small group of Carolinas Unit members

Small group of Carolinas Unit members

Stone Mountain Park hosted 140 airstream travel trailers and motorhomes for the region rally. Our organizers said this rally was 1/3 again larger than last year’s region rally at Myrtle Beach. Their were only five rigs representing our North Carolina airstream club, but we are a great looking bunch!

We presented a fun seminar this morning on Smart Storage, Organizing Your RV. This was our second time with this seminar topic, we also did it one year ago. It went really well, probably because the audience was so nice. This year’s crowd was very pleasant, a nice size for this event. We had a great time, fabulous weather, and would have enjoyed a longer stay but we had a prior commitment in Asheville on our way to Charlotte and Kannapolis.

We’re in east Asheville Friday and Saturday night in a nice little RV park we’ve enjoyed before.

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