The dreamstreamrs go back to work

We went to work yesterday for Bates RV in Tampa, transporting RVs from a show he held in Sarasota back to his place sixty miles north of Sarasota. It was easy work, but for the car fire on the shoulder of I-75 at our exit to I-4. I’ll get back to this. . .

We spent last week at WBCCI’s Florida State Rally in Sarasota FL. This was a great time for catching some seminars about using and fixing our RVs, for meeting new friends, and renewing friendships too. And we did a little work helping the WBCCI Amateur Radio Club.

The seminars we enjoyed were on RV air conditioners and refrigerators maintenance and troubleshooting, interior and exterior adjustments to Airstream trailers, amateur radio introduction, update on Airstream manufacturing and sales, and status of the WBCCI club.

We helped present the amateur radio seminar and helped with the licensing exams for amateur radio, and manned the club’s table at the flea market. This paid off, we recruited a couple of members and renewed a couple, plus were able to hand out some leaflets about NOMADS and Escapees to prospective members.

Our radio club’s name badge supplier gave up their business a year or two ago, unable to maintain their expensive equipment. The name badge guy at the ham radio show two weeks ago is very expensive. We found a much better price supplier at the Florida State Rally and worked with them on artwork and pricing for new and replacement badges for our members.

Lots of good work for our clubs, not as much down time for us at this Florida State Rally. One adventure we had not counted on was introduced by the Florida State Rally emcee. He announced Sunday night we could help Bates RV return some of the 100 RVs they had brought for the RV show at this rally, and get paid for it.

Debbie towed a 25′ Airstream International Sterling (the one with the purple floor) behind our truck. I towed another brand 25′ trailer behind an Airstream Interstate Mercedes van. This was fun — I wish I had taken time out for a picture. Hey look what the dreamstreamrs are towing now!

The Mercedes Sprinter van is a dream to drive. Rob and Jan Wilson demonstrated this in spades three years ago with their epic year touring all the national parks in 217 days. Driving one myself was still a nice surprise, and I really could hardly tell there was a trailer behind the van.

The van’s driving picture is huge. You are sitting up relatively high so can see over cars and pickup trucks. BIG windshield. Comfortable driving seat and great driving position with a nice dead pedal for left foot.

The diesel engine is smooth and quiet and the four-speed transmission works wonderfully. Oh, and I made 14 mpg towing in heavy traffic on mixed roads. Our truck made approx 8.5 on the same drive towing the slightly heavier Airstream trailer.

Our thanks to Frank Bates and Company for employing us yesterday morning, and paying us in advance. Debbie and I are thinking we may have found another career – transporting cars, trucks, and RVs. Any employers listening?


7 responses to “The dreamstreamrs go back to work

  1. Way to go, Jim and Deb! I wondered who might take Bates up on their offer. We couldn’t. We went from the Rally to Stephen Foster Park in White Springs and then on to Grayton Beach S.P. It was good to see you two in Sarasota, even though with your busy schedule we didn’t get a chance to visit more. We’re hoping you will make use of our pad at Travelers Rest after we move there. See you down the road.

    • Keep us posted on your new ranchette — we look forward to hearing how the move goes and how many activities you can subscribe to at TR. Very active lifestyle, start slowly and build up. I love it!

  2. Well glad you got to try out the Sprinter. It’s a wonderful vehicle. We are in a holding pattern now. Have moved in with Rob’s 91 yr old dad in Michigan. He finally needed our help. So for now our dreams of being on the road are only memories. Some day but for now God has us where we need to be.

    Rob and Jan Wilson

  3. strivingfortiny

    Wow, that’s great you were able to get some work towing! :D Sounds real easy, and enjoyable. Hope you get more work doing that! :D

  4. I have often wondered if going to local RV dealers to inquire about pulling units to and from shows would be 1.) a good idea. and 2.) how to go about figuring out the logistics of this type of adventure.

    I have check into the RV hauling guys but see its a lot of redtape and hoops to jump through for the deal.. did not sound like something to do part time.

    I our area there are several large RV shows with dealers from appx 50 to 150 miles away.

    i wonder did you have to increase or do something different in regards to insurance on your truck to pull a unit for hire and for you to drive a unit for them.

    also did you get paid by the unit or by the hr and if you don’t mind providing the rate and if you would like to keep the info “off the wire”, you can contact me via emiail carl2591 yahoo com

    i have a 2003 ford f-250 SD with 7.3L diesel with full trailer hooks up and brake controller but not 5th wheel equipped. FYI.

    happy trails..:)

    • Carl
      Ours was an informal arrangement, one time only to help the dealer out and enjoy a test drive of his rig. If you are interested in info on transporting commercially, send me an email and I can try to connect you with a friend who does this.

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