Disadvantages of Full Timing in a Travel Trailer

We’ve given thought to the advantages of full timing. Who wants to hear whining about our problems, anyway? Wait, what problems? We don’t have problems.

There are some things we could do in a real house we cannot in our little house.  With little forethought, here goes:

1. can’t keep chickens (unless we upgrade to a 34′)

2. composting is challenging (we could keep a worm bin in the truck bed)

3. can’t do rooftop gardening (we wantonly used up all the space there)

4. parties no larger than 8, unless solely out of doors

5. cannot run around inside the house, just back and forth

6. no place for big screen television

7. no dance floor indoors, or at least very very small ones (Balboa anyone?)

8.limited on collection of print books for want of wall shelf space

9.lacking in space for wood shop tools or tractors or antique cars collections

10. if a car hits, or a bad hail storm pours upon, it then it’s probably a total loss

Admittedly a little thin, this list.

Richard mentioned, tough to get a hospital bed in or out of the travel trailer.  Lani, Chris, and Emerson just needed more space and are happy to land in a house in Virginia.

How about this folks, can you help us substantiate this? Are there more important issues than the ten we listed above?  What disadvantages do you experience or anticipate regarding living full-time in a travel trailer?

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6 responses to “Disadvantages of Full Timing in a Travel Trailer

  1. You can’t put up a full size Christmas tree with all the ornaments you’ve collected thru the years. And Santa can’t get down the chimney!!!

    • Ooh, that’s a great start! I might have thought of this in two months. We could leave open the skylight, both for the tree and for Santa’s entrance. Nah, you’re right. Thanks Julie.

  2. We have also discovered there is limited wall space for family and artistic photographs. The grand piano is limited to being an electronic facsimile. On the plus side your adult kids won’t be moving back in with you. Sometimes we miss his and her bathrooms, but thank goodness the rv parks provide an alternate during long occupations.

    • Oh gee, we forgot about, “and your kids can’t move back in with you.” But that’s a disadvantage too, these days when families can help. Piano, wall space for photos, those are good. Heck man, we not only have his and hers, we can use a different one every time in the larger rv parks.


  3. Every time I step out the front door the yard looks different.

    • Good one Frank — you know, it could be very disconcerting! “Where am I today?” Probably won’t work for folks who really need stability. Although we create our own routines, even in our mobile lifestyle.

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