Top Ten Advantages of Living in A Travel Trailer 2012

Anyone who has full-timed in an RV knows there are many advantages to living in a compact and mobile space. Many other people know little or nothing about qualities of rolling homes. Almost three years ago we came up with Top Ten Advantages of Living in a Travel Trailer. It remains our most popular post ever, even eclipsing the iHouse posts.

Readers provided a lot of helpful suggestions on the original post. Some were ideas we hadn’t thought of, and resonated with us. It just figures, a lot of people know lots more than we do. I like what Kay Peterson, Co-Founder and Director says about founding the Escapees Club, “. . . we had a lot of information to share and found others who had a better way to do some things.”

In this spirit, we offer our revamped Top Ten Advantages, with a little help from our friends:

1. You always sleep in your own bed, no matter where you go (thanks Bob)
2. If the weather turns nasty, you can find great weather somewhere (thanks Lani)
3. No mortgage or lease & you’re saving money (thanks Will & Anon Vagabond & Debbie)
4. The view outside changes as often as you want (thanks Will)
5. No leaves to rake or shrubs to trim, or gutters to clean – more time to play
6. Power outage, city water system down? No prob, You maintain your own power & water (thanks Will)
7. Nothing in your house is more than six steps away (thanks Will)
8. Window washing, dusting, sweeping AND mopping, you can do them all four in one hour
9. If you don’t like your neighbors and they don’t leave first, you can hitch up and go
10. Your property tax bill goes down a little every year

We’ve also spent almost three more years full-timing since we first posted “Top Ten Advantages”. Nothing has changed our intense enjoyment of, and appreciation for, our full-timing lifestyle. Quite the opposite, we continue to find full-timing better and better as we explore different things to do on the road.

Total Tennis, NY

Last year we spent time in New York, the Bahamas, Florida, Arizona, Iowa, and Kansas. We were able to stay one or more weeks in every one of those great places doing what we love, playing tennis, walking the beach, being with family and friends.

This year we spent time in Lake Junaluska NC, Myrtle Beach SC, Charlotte and Kannapolis NC, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, crossing from Kenora Ontario to Dawson City Yukon Territory, touring Alaska, and visiting grandchildren in Vancouver BC for two weeks. We’re headed for a week alongside one of Idaho’s great rivers then a week at the Sun Valley Jazz Fest before arriving in Mesa Arizona for two great months of tennis.

Our travel trailer makes all this so easy and affordable. Our overhead costs are really low without a house, and our worries are even lower without a lawn, landscaping, gutters, paint, paving, utilities, and all the other encumbrances ownership entails.

A favorite full-timer quip of ours is about looking for a jacket or headphones or any other piece of gear. “Hon, did we bring that iPod charger on this trip?” Well duh! You always know it’s here, because all your stuff is with you.

Looking for it won’t take too long either — how long can it take to search a pickup truck and a 25′ trailer? Sure, you might wash the windows, dust, sweep AND mop faster than finding something, but still. . . knowing you WILL find it IS an advantage of living in a travel trailer.

Jim and Debbie
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5 responses to “Top Ten Advantages of Living in A Travel Trailer 2012

  1. The big disadvantage of half-timing, as we are doing, is that we still have the house, nice as it is to come back to, to maintain and on which to pay taxes and utilities. When we are at the stationary house, then we are paying storage on the portable one. We are finding this to be an expensive luxury. We keep thinking that when we will no longer be able to Airstream, we will have it for our most waning years. (It is hard to get the hospital type bed and bath accessories through the door of the Airstream.) The financial burden keeps us from being as free as you two are, and we are jealous. Put this on your list.

    • Rich, Full-timers have access to medical home care and assistance through Rainbow’s End in Livingston TX. Good friends Frank and Carol (also Airstreamers) volunteer there annually, and speak very highly of it. Gee, yet another advantage of full-timing in your RV — very supportive for limited mobility persons because ambulation is assisted by the access to hand holds, much like in an airliner, front to rear.

      We overheard a Vancouverite yesterday stating he is paying $170/month for storage on his travel trailer. I didn’t hear whether it is covered, heated, and has music in the storage area.


  2. We don’t get junk mail!

    • Ellen
      Right on! Too bad it still is mailed and carried, but we don’t have any worries with it. Stix and brix folks, this exemption can be yours for $160/year ( skp membership and worlds best mail forwarding svc)

  3. #11 — you don’t winterize your rig

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