Who has a birthday in Haines Alaska today?


Even supersonic jets do flips and completely lose course when they hear it’s her birthday. Why shouldn’t they? Today we’ll celebrate by taking the ferry to Juneau, Alaska’s state capital. It’s the only state capital not accessible by road, incidentally.

She’s about to open presents, I better go and pay lots of attention to her. See you tomorrow.

Jim and Debbie
dreamstreamr odyssey, chasing 75 degrees

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3 responses to “Who has a birthday in Haines Alaska today?

  1. Happy birthday to you! May this and everyday be blessed.

  2. Happy Birthday Debbie! May you be blessed with many more healthy and happy birthdays! You guys will love Juneau!

    • Maybe the coolest birthday present yet! We rode the catamaran passenger ferry over from Haines to Juneau, spent four hours in Juneau, and ferried back. We did love Juneau, very cool. Too little time, more next visit.

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