Dreamstreamrs Carried Away by Alaska’s Aviation History

Anchorage is home to the Alaska Aviation Museum on Lake Hood near the International Airport. We missed it in our last visit to Anchorage and had time this visit so we spent an afternoon browsing this fun museum.

Reader #9, this Cub’s for you. We’ve given you a couple great photos of Super Cubs, now we are looking forward to seeing your baby. We saw Widgeon, Beaver, PBY, Helio, F-15, B-737, but the Super Cub was the coolest.

Lots of exhibits, great variety of things to see and touch. We sat in flight simulators, watched a video, looked at a lot of different exhibits. The museum is divided into several different hangars and a couple pieces of flight-line outside.

Many aircraft significant to Alaska’s aviation heritage are restored and on display, like this late 1920s Travel Air hanging in one of the museum’s hangars. The museum displays interesting stories for many of their aircraft.

Every plane needs at least two of these for take-off and landing in the winter. We were surprised at the variety and stoutness of some of them. We had seen a few skis for aircraft in previous museums, it was fun to see so many up close in this museum.

A classic C/STOL (controlled short take-off and landing) plane, Lowell Thomas Jr donated this H-295 Helio Courier in 2010. He reportedly regularly flew it to Mt McKinley and other spots throughout Alaska for climbers and explorers. The Helio Courier is famed for near-hover flight capabilities and unexcelled, if tricky, short landing and take-off space.

And this last is a sign one of us encountered in the aviation museum and thought was pretty fun. These sorts of signs often are hand-scrawled and taped in strategic locations on the wall. My regard for the museum rose because of how nicely done this sign is.

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2 responses to “Dreamstreamrs Carried Away by Alaska’s Aviation History

  1. Thanks for helping me return to my first airplane. Shortly after WWII a guy in West Jefferson, NC bought an army surplus Piper Cub and cleared a pasture for a field. After my begging, my dad bought me the ride. It was a fabric covered two seat, tandem, Piper Cub. The 9 year old boy was thrilled when the pilot let him take the stick for a few minutes.

  2. Thank you for making my day.
    Reader #9

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