Dreamstreamrs spotted at North Pole!

Someone said to us yesterday, “you two get around”. She was referring to our walking, I think, but she is correct in the larger sense too. Only a few days ago we stopped by the North Pole to check in with Santa and say hello to Cupid and Comet and Donner and Blitzen.

We had a nice visit, our first to the North Pole, and had an unexpected benefit — Debbie was able to whisper a few things to Santa. Maybe she told him about my wish list, like one of the really nice amateur radios and antennas Santa hasn’t had time to read about. More likely she told him all four of our children have been extra good this year, and our grandchildren are perfect angels.

Santa’s reindeer were having a rest day from their off-season training schedule. They seemed really relaxed and apparently are laying on some fat a little early. We realize they don’t have as much time to eat during the cold season up here. And the cold season, with low temperatures often around -50 degrees, is very very cold. Although reindeer have fabulous winter coats, a little extra body fat no doubt helps keep them warm.

Oddly enough, on our way to see Santa’s shops we also stopped by the Knotty Shop in Salcha, AK. It’s naught what you thought you heard, and Santa told us he knows well the folks at the Knotty Shop — seems some people had been concerned whether they could be nice at a knotty place. The flowers are typical of many places we’ve visited in Alaska this summer.

As it turned out, we were naughty here — Deb is carrying our Milepost Alaska Travel Planner book because it has a coupon for a four hundred calorie scoop of free ice cream in the Knotty Shop. Maybe not quite that large, but they provide a great scoop of tasty ice cream to help shoppers last until lunch. The mosquito is the largest we’ve seen in Alaska so far. The Knotty Shop has a tremendous variety of burls and knots the owner has creatively crafted into fun shapes.

Our next stop is Fairbanks, Alaska, the city with the greatest temperature swing in the world. Temperatures range from highs in the nineties to lows in the minus sixties Farenheit. The mean annual temperature is just below freezing, but we’ll be there for five days in mid-summer. Should be above freezing the entire time.

We’re glad we stopped by Santa’s workshops at the North Pole. Santa told us Christmas will hold only good surprises this year. How great is this? Life is good.

Jim and Debbie
dreamstreamr odyssey, chasing 75 degrees

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One response to “Dreamstreamrs spotted at North Pole!

  1. I enjoyed your knotty pictures!

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