Where Are All The Missing Signs?

It started in 1942, during the construction of the Alaska Highway. A smart guy erected a sign post with the distance to his or his sweetie’s hometown. And another fellow added his, then a dozen more did the same. The idea seemed to catch on and additional posts went up.

This was the simple beginning of the Sign Post Forest. It is today a monument with hundreds of posts and a few pieces of road-building machinery in the center. There are over 75,000 signs from all over the world, and more added every year.

We visited the Sign Post Forest on our walking tour of Watson Lake a few days ago and thought, “We can add a good sign”. That evening Debbie free-handed a sketch of our trailer’s profile and Jim cut it from a sheet of aluminum he’s been toting for years. He engraved and inked the text and date, and sprayed three coats of urethane sealant on the sign.

Our sign turned out really great. It is the size of an American license plate but thicker. The sign faces north so shouldn’t be subjected to much fade from UV. It looks nice. We jotted down the gps coordinates so we can visit it again — otherwise, signs seem pretty tough to find in this dense sign post forest.

Jim and Debbie
dreamstreamr odyssey, chasing 75 degrees

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3 responses to “Where Are All The Missing Signs?

  1. Great sign, guys. We put one up that was a large photo print of our grandson, got it laminated at the library for $.50 and then the Chamber loaned us a hammer and a nail. A fascinating place with all those signs from all those people. One of those “gotta do this” spots. Enjoying the blog of your trek north a lot. Happy trails!

  2. Cool sign! I’m enjoying reading your blog. Your travels bring back memories during our times residing in AK. We drove the ALCAN 4 times. In 2006, we drove down to Spokane to purchase our first Airstream. Our spanking brand new 20′ Safari, made its maiden voyage back to Homer. That was a great shakedown! Would you believe, it made the trip without a single breakdown? Awesome, trailer. Looking forward to your next stop. Have fun!

    • Gris,
      Great story, thanks for sharing your Airstream’s maiden voyage back to Homer from Spokane. A great memory to have! We’re making some now — tonight we’re grilling chops and hot dogs around a big campfire alongside the Yukon River in Carmacks. Trip is going great for us too. Our first driving trip to AK, hopefully not our last.

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