The dreamstreamrs hit Alaska Highway “Mile 0”

We made it! 3,100 miles and seven weeks from North Carolina, we rolled into Dawson Creek B.C. just in time to celebrate my birthday. We’re with 33 other Airstream trailers and 4 Airstream motorhomes in a nice campground, Northern Lights, overlooking Dawson Creek. The entire contingent will leave today for Ft Nelson B.C., 280 miles north of Dawson Creek.

Arriving early, we had several days to explore and take care of last minute details. The walking tour of Dawson Creek was good for us. We started with the old railway station museum, poring over the nice displays including the station manager’s family quarters and a large room with animals and interesting items from Dawson Creek’s early times.

Downtown we enjoyed seeing most of the large murals and the few remaining old buildings and had a cup of coffee at Robins Doughnuts (well yes, we also had one of those with our coffee). The highlight downtown is the Alaska Highway House, a well-curated exhibit focusing on development and history of the Alaska Highway. We watched the PBS movie about the U.S. Army’s herculean wartime effort pushing a road through wilderness between Dawson Creek and Fairbanks.

One of the most outstanding aspects of this great civil engineering accomplishment is completing in 1942 a new 1,500 mile road in under nine months. It helped they had unlimited resources, like 30,000 men and untold thousands of machines. But these guys were working in the most awful conditions, either battling mosquitoes, heat and muskeg, or intense cold, ice, and snow. Today we’ll start driving this famous road, although the road has some entirely different segments and routes from the original.

We’ve met our fellow caravanners and gotten to know some of them. Everyone has some time making adjustments to their CB radio antennas, their hitches, and some have added padding to protect the front of their camper or tow vehicle. Some of this is last minute jitters, facing a 5,000 mile caravan over 63 days. Most of received advice and warnings from fellow airstreamers who have completed this caravan in prior years.

We’re off to face whatever adventures may come on the Airstream Alyeska Caravan on the Alaska Highway.

Jim and Debbie
dreamstreamr odyssey, chasing 75 degrees

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15 responses to “The dreamstreamrs hit Alaska Highway “Mile 0”

  1. Great beginnings! The Alaska trip should be a breeze, at least the “getting there” part. We had no problems whatsoever, up and back. You’ll get the usual sections of road under repair, but it’s overall a decent road for its remoteness. Happy Trails to you – and enjoy the scenery – it is wonderful along the whole highway. Sections offer up plenty of wildlife, too. We saw a black bear wounded and dying on the side of the road – hit by a car. Very sad to see that; people just don’t pay attention. It’s a good time to be in AK, as bug season should be about over and the summer is in its prime. Are you guys gonna hit Steward/Hyder on your way back? Well worth the side trip, as is Jasper/Banff and the drive in between. Wish we were there with you. Happy Trails, once again.

    • Rob,
      We were so jealous today — one of the three airstreams in our group saw a large black bear munching a berry lunch near the woods edge. We missed seeing it. Really kept our eyes peeled thereafter, but no more sightings. Did see one dead moose at roadside, apparently hit by a truck. You know a car didn’t hit it because the car’s remains would have been there too.

      Yes, we are stopping at Hyder AK on our way back down, it is two or three stops from the last. Our last stop is Prince George on Sep 11. But we won’t head southeast toward Jasper and Banff after the caravan — we’ll be heading south and a little west to Vancouver B.C. to see the grandbabies.

  2. It gave me a thrill just to read of the meet-up and preparation. How exciting!
    I did not realize the number of Airstreams making the journey. Did I count 38 Airstream units? (you, plus 33, plus 4) May it be a very safe and enjoyable 5,000+ 63 day adventure for you all. God bless.

  3. Question: Will there be a corporate blog spot for the group adventure?

  4. Happy Birthday from Reader #9. I wish I was there, have fun!

    • Thanks Cal – Celebrate with me, I’m still enjoying Birthday Week through Tuesday night. Ate another piece of birthday cake with dinner tonight. We grilled steaks, served with caprese salad and steamed fresh broccoli. I’m pretty spoiled, even if it weren’t my birthday. Thanks for riding along in spirit!

  5. Happy Birthday! Glad you made it to the starting gate. Susan and I look forward to reading your daily reports of the adventures along the highway.

    • Chuck and Susan,
      Two other members of Carolinas Unit of NC are on this caravan — Tom and Vicky Johnson and Don and Inabelle Sides. We have a couple from South Carolina’s Palmetto Unit, and a California couple who went to high school at North Mecklenburg in Charlotte (Larry did). See you later,

    • Thanks for the birthday greetings, Chuck. We’re glad you guys are following us on this trip. We’ll try to get some good photos out to you.

  6. Have a great trip!

  7. Carol & Frank

    We are re-living our caravan with you. The memories are wonderful. Thank you for blogging your way up and back. Happy trails and a safe trip too.

    • Gosh folks, we were surprised how many California license plates we have on the caravan, and not just NorCal either. We’re glad to get to know more left coasters, not what we’re used to, you know? Glad we can stoke your memories of this great trip —

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