Saskatoon, just in time

City campground named after Mr. Hockey

We had never heard of Mr. Hockey (aka Power, Mr. Everything, Mr. All-Star, The Most, The Great Gordie, The King of Hockey, The Legend, The Man, No. 9, and “Mr. Elbows”) before pulling into Saskatoon’s lovely city campground, Gordon Howe Campsite. And who should we meet at the registration desk but Gordon — Gordon McMaster is the very personable and capable manager of this pretty campground. Very fast wifi at our site, nice sites layout and privacy, nice store and washrooms.

The entire camping park is this pretty

We were immediately charmed by the green spaces in this city campground and the very nice walking all around outside the campground. It is surrounded by ball fields, a school, an indoor rink, and nice neighborhoods. Gordon was both hospitable and very helpful in referring us to markets, gasoline, and RV stores we needed. This was a very good stop for us to take care of some repairs and catch up on things. And the showers? How about 100 p.s.i. beads of water thundering down on you? Very invigorating and enjoyable!

not just camping food

I forgot in an earlier post to share this picture of our cuisine at Good Spirit Lake PP — best camping meal ever! Debbie poached wild-caught salmon filets and served with caprese salad and steamed fresh broccoli. It was as good as it looks.

While we were in Saskatoon we bought the most gasoline we ever pumped in one filling, for the most bucks even at only $1.21/L. Our bill was $194 for almost 184 liters of gas. Fortunately we have seen gas prices lower in Alberta than in SK — the lowest we’ve seen is $1.05/L.

NEWSFLASH !!! — dreamstreamrs finally persuade Tim Horton’s-Canada to add wifi, due in 90 percent of Canadian stores by September, according to 06 Jul Edmonton newspaper. The news bit also announced Tim Horton’s will remove its time limits signs from restaurants. We’ll see about that. . .

largest Pysanka egg in the world

Driving from Lloydminster toward Edmonton, we came upon a Ukrainian Festival sign at Vergreville. We pulled onto the next exit ramp and found easy parking to view the world’s largest Pysanka (Ukrainian for Easter egg). This egg, according to the information signs, is not only the world’s largest. It is also unique as the first such structure ever designed and implemented as a cad-cam project in metals. This Pysanka egg is striking and pretty.

What about the Ukrainian Festival? We didn’t have time to make good use of the $20 admission fee (good all day) so we passed on this. We’re sure we missed a great event and an opportunity to help immensely in their fundraising but it was time for us to move along.

By 4 a.m. we are in bright daylight and by 6 the sun is up over the trees. Sunset is somewhat immaterial, it just isn’t getting dark. We had made some changes this past winter to help darken our trailer. These are paying off now. We think this slow ascent in latitudes (we are at 53°32.68’N 113°41.44’W) is acclimatizing us to the longer daylights.

We are also getting some exposure already to a few sections of rough roads, mainly on our way off the highway to campgrounds. The Yellow Head (TransCanada 16) is a superb road with speed limits mostly between 90 and 110 km/h. Very smooth driving overall, and the drive on 16 has been just gorgeous. We have enjoyed the pastoral scenery, with canola and cattle farms liberally dotting the views from our truck cab.

This is a very different run-up to touring these upper latitudes from our 2008 Alaska trip, where we flew into Anchorage from Charlotte NC, rented a FourWinds 25′ motorhome, and participated in a 16-day guided caravan with the airstream club (WBCCI). We went from hot and southern NC to cold and very northern AK, and just didn’t get used to the longer days. The cool we were good with, but it was so difficult to convince our brains when to go to sleep.

Congratulations to Roger Federer and to Serena Williams on their singles victories at Wimbledon 2012. Congratulations to Andy Murray, in the Wimbledon finals for first time. Murray played very well but Federer played fantastically.

Goodbye Andy Griffith — he died July 3rd and we’ve been watching episodes of The Andy Griffith Show every night since in his memory. Great memories, some of these episodes we remember seeing many many years ago (over 50 years since Andy of Mayberry was first broadcast)

Jim and Debbie
dreamstreamr odyssey, chasing 75 degrees

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6 responses to “Saskatoon, just in time

  1. We have been about one day behind you here in Canada. We are just down the road at the Glowing Embers Good Sam Park.

    • Well come one, you two — we’ve waited and waited. Today we’ll wait for you in Valley View or Grand Prairie, it’s so hot in Edmonton (85) we are seeking higher latitudes where we’ll probably NOT find cooler temps yet. One must try, though. Maybe we’ll see you before the 12th?

      Jim and Debbie

  2. I’m very much enjoying your post on the AK trip. I hope to do this someday with my wife and our (soon to be purchased) Airstream!

    • Bob,
      This is our “trip of a lifetime”, we’ve heard from many friends who have done it. It’s been on our list for over four years and we’re happy to be into it now. Ride along, let me know when we can add better detail (or less) for you. We’re glad to have you with us.

      Jim and Deb

  3. The people you meet and the experience of the journey make for a great adventure and a great post. Good travels.

    • Everyone has told us, “the trip of a lifetime”. Kinda makes everything after this trip sound anticlimactic, so we’re just going to have to see about this. But we are well and truly excited to start this caravan.

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